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Cape Town Taxi

Cape Town Taxi General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Cape Town

Cape Town taxis are easy to get and they offer reliable transfers around the city. Official taxis feature the company logo and usually have their fares printed on the taxi doors. Locals and visitors in the South African metropolis can pick up a ride at the designated taxi ranks, mainly located in the city centre. You can also book a taxi in advance via telephone or a mobile app. Although hailing a taxi in the street is not recommended, it is possible, but it should be limited to the city centre for short rides only. Apart from the standard Cape Town taxis, locals also use the so-called minibus taxis, which are shared minibuses that operate on semi-regulated routes and pick up passengers on the side of the road. Airport taxis are also available at Cape Town Airport for a smooth transfer to the city centre.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
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Cape Town Taxi Prices

Taxi prices in Cape Town are very affordable, however, since taxis aren’t regulated, rates can differ slightly depending on the company. Most taxi services in Cape Town are metered, so the final fare is calculated based on the duration and distance of your ride, plus any road tolls. The base fare for a taxi transfer in Cape Town is €1 (RAD 20) and the price per km ranges from €0.50- €1 (RAD 10-20). For most taxi operators, fares are similar during the day and night.

Cape Town taxi rates:

Base Fare – €1 (RAD 20)

Minimum Rate/km – €0.50 (RAD 10)

It is at the discretion of each company whether extra charges apply for excess luggage or for travelling on public holidays, and some companies charge €3.10 (RAD 60) for each additional stop. Drivers may also increase the price during periods of high demand so it’s always best to confirm the rate before accepting a ride. On average, a short Cape Town taxi ride within the city centre should come to around €5 – €8 (RAD 98-157), plus any extras.

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How to get a Taxi in Cape Town

Getting a taxi in Cape Town is simple, particularly if you decide to call one in advance. Since getting a taxi on the road is not recommended or common, it is always advisable to book with an official taxi company via telephone or a mobile app. Official vehicles feature a company logo and they are usually in better condition than unofficial providers. Excite Taxis, Unicab and Taximan offer call-out taxi services for your transfer in Cape Town.

Minibus taxis are also quite popular with a number of locals in Cape Town. These shared taxi services are cheaper than standard taxis, but their operation is not fully regulated, and you may find it challenging to get around the city using one. Drivers shout out their route as they pass by busy spots and you can hail one to ask for a ride. Alternatively, you can walk to a nearby taxi rank to grab a ride to your next destination.

How to get a taxi from Cape Town Airport

Whether you are taking a taxi from Cape Town Airport to the city centre or nearby towns such as Stellenbosch, you will be charged by the metre. Only official airport taxis, private transfer services, and ride-hailing vehicles are allowed to operate from the airport. Official taxis depart from directly in front of the Arrivals Hall exit, whereas other services are just a short walk from the terminal. To the city centre, you can expect to pay around €15 (RAD 290).

How to get a taxi from Camps Bay Beach

As one of the most popular destinations in Cape Town – for both locals and tourists – finding a taxi in this area is usually pretty easy, at least during the day. Taxis tend to gather along Victoria Road, which runs parallel to the beach, especially near to restaurants and cafes. That being said, during the quieter parts of the day, a Cape Town taxi should be pre-arranged, either through a company like Welcome Pickups or a ride-hailing app.

How to get a taxi from Table Mountain

Whether you walk or take the cable back down after summiting Table Mountain, head to the Lower Cableway Station (the starting point for the cable ride up) to find a taxi. There is an official taxi stand here and taxis should be lined up waiting, but keep in mind that you might have to wait for a while for a taxi to show up early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

How to get a taxi from Cape Town Railway Station

If you’ve just arrived by train and need to transfer to your hotel in the city centre or by the waterfront, you’ll find a taxi rank outside the main entrance to the station, across the street. For anyone arriving at night, we recommend pre-booking your taxi or arranging one through an app.

Most popular Cape Town Taxi Apps

You can also take a taxi in Cape Town with an app. Since taxi apps provide an additional level of safety with ride tracking, as well as providing a cost estimate upfront, they are often the preferred choice when booking a taxi in Cape Town. The most commonly used apps are Uber and Bolt, as well as a local-based company, Shuma Taxi

For an airport taxi, you can book with Welcome Pickups in under a minute, securing a competitive set rate fee and a guaranteed on-time pickup. You’ll be met with a local English-speaking driver who can help get you acquainted with the city and a friendly customer service team will be on hand 24/7 to help with any questions or arrangements.

How do I call a taxi in Cape Town?

If you’re not travelling with a local sim or simply don’t have access to the internet, phoning a taxi company directly is a reliable way of arranging a pick-up. Restaurants and hotels would also be happy to phone a taxi on your behalf as needed. 

Some popular and trustworthy Cape Town taxi companies include:

Excite Taxis: +27 (21) 448 4444
Unicab: +27 (21) 486 1600
Cape Town Taxi: +27 (84) 522 1039
Taximan: +27 (82) 575 4337
Barnes Taxi Service: +27 (21) 534 9418

Book your Cape Town Taxi Transfer in Advance

Cape Town is a bustling city offering a range of transport options that can, however, be overcrowded and frustrating at times. By pre-booking a ride, you make sure the driver picks you up at your selected location, while benefiting from a private and timely service. Welcome Pickups offers fixed fares, enhanced safety regulations and a comfortable journey in Cape Town.

Cape Town Taxi Tips

  1. To avoid being overcharged, make sure you either agree in advance on a fare with your driver or you pay the amount indicated by the taximeter.
  2. Avoid hailing down a cab in the street, as not all taxi drivers work for official transfer companies.
  3. Taxis in Cape Town are usually in very high demand, so the wait for an available cab can be long. You can avoid this by booking in advance.
  4. You can find a taxi rank at the majority of popular city centre attractions. Cape Town taxi ranks are regulated and you should only pick up a taxi from official locations.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Cape Town

Regular taxis as well as minibus taxis in Cape Town cannot accommodate passengers using a wheelchair on board. As vehicle space is limited, you can only store foldable wheelchairs and mobility trolleys in the trunk during the ride. Some Cape Town taxi companies have a wheelchair-accessible taxi fleet with hydraulic lifts and other accessibility features. You can book with Travel with Rene or Care Transport.

Cape Town Taxi Safety and Complaints

Getting around Cape Town with a taxi is a safe transport option. To make sure you have a pleasant ride, always book in advance with official taxi companies and refrain from hailing down a cab in the street. Agreeing on the fare before the ride and paying the amount shown on the taximeter is a good tip for a smooth ride. If you want to contact the taxi company after your transfer, you can find all the necessary details on the receipt.

Frequently asked questions

Are taxis expensive in Cape Town?

Taxi services in Cape Town are quite affordable. You can expect the base fare to be €1 (RAD 20) and the price per km to be a minimum of €0.5 (RAD 10). A city centre ride should cost around €5 (RAD 97).

Are taxis in Cape town safe?

Taxis in South Africa offer a safe and comfortable journey, although it is important to avoid taking a ride with anyone who approaches you. Choose an official taxi company and book in advance to avoid frustration. Although minibus taxis are popular, particularly in Cape Town, it is not recommended to use one as they are shared and their operation is not fully regulated.

Cape Town Airport taxi safety is a priority for visitors which is why the airport has partnered with a local company called Authorised Airport Taxi Services​.

Is Uber safe in Cape Town?

Getting around the city of Cape Town with Uber is a safe transport option. Bear in mind that getting a taxi with Uber can be hard at times due to the increased demand, which leads to higher fares.

What is the best taxi service to use in Cape Town?

The most trusted local and regular taxi service in Cape Town is Excite Taxis (+27 21 448 4444). They operate 24/7 and are the most popular taxi company in the city.

Do taxis in Cape Town take credit cards?

Cash payments are still the preferred method when paying for a Cape Town taxi, although payment by credit or debit card is becoming increasingly normal. To be sure, we suggest asking your driver before your journey starts or booking online.

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