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Taxis in Singapore

Singapore Taxi General Information and Tips


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Singapore Taxis

Singapore is a large and busy city, so one of the easiest and safest ways to navigate it is by taxi. There are just over 26,000 taxis in Singapore that are ready to pick you up and whisk you off to your destination within the city. You can easily hail down a taxi in the street, head to a designated taxi rank or call one of the local companies. When it comes to choosing a Singapore taxi, you have three choices;

Standard – The most common, basic taxi. These come in all different colours depending on the company but are usually Toyota, Hyundai or Kia models. 

Premium and Minicabs – Made to take up to 7 people. These taxis are imported London cabs and are almost always white. 

Limousine – The most luxury taxi option. Usually a white or champagne-gold Mercedes-Benz or black Chrysler 300C sedan.

Base fare (including first km) – €1.95 ($3 SGD) 

Price per 400m – €0.14 ($0.22 SGD)


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

Cost of a Singapore Taxi

Compared to Europe, the price of taking a taxi in Singapore is extremely cheap. All prices are heavily regulated by the government and are put in place by a taximeter based on distance travelled. Depending on which type of Singapore taxi you choose, there will be a different base fare and price per 400m.


Base fare (including first km) – €1.95 ($3 SGD) 

Price per 400m – €0.14 ($0.22 SGD)


Base fare (including first km) – €2.54 ($3.90 SGD)

Price per 400m – €0.14 ($0.22 SGD)

Per head after first 4 passengers – €1.30 ($2 SGD)


Base fare (including first km) – €2.54 – €3.26 ($3.90 to $5 SGD)

Price per 400m – €0.22 ($0.33 SGD)

Although the base prices for taking a taxi in Singapore are cheap, the extra charges and surcharges can add up. If you travel during the peak times of 06:00 to 09:30 during the week or 18:00 to 24:00 on the weekend, you will be charged an extra 25%. If you travel between 24:00 and 06:00 any day of the week you will be charged 50%. There are also pick-up surcharges for Marina Bay, the CBD and Changi Airport of €1.95.

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How to get a Singapore taxi

As long as you’re not travelling during a thunderstorm or peak times, getting a taxi in Singapore couldn’t be easier. The standard city taxis can be flagged down from the side of the road with ease, you can walk to a taxi rank or you can call one of the local companies and wait for your pickup. If you choose to hail a taxi from the street, make sure the taxi is empty and that you’re not stood on double zig-zag lines or near a bus stop, as taxis can’t stop there. 

If you’d prefer to take your Singapore taxi from a taxi rank, you can easily spot them outside of all large hotels, shopping malls, offices (if you’re in the CBD) and most tourist attractions. Be aware that some of these ranks may have an extra surcharge.

Finally, you can call one of the local companies and ask for a taxi. This always has an extra charge of €1.95 ($3 SGD) for this service. The following are some of the most reputable taxi companies in Singapore;

* Comfort CityCab +65 6552 1111

* Prime Taxi +65 6778 0808

* SMRT Taxi +65 6555 8888

* Trans-Cab +65 6555 3333

* Premier Taxis +65 6363 6888

Pre-book your taxi in Singapore

There’s nothing better than being able to budget and plan your trip with ease because you’ve booked your transport in advance. There’s no need to stand in the street late at night or during the bad weather, waiting for your Singapore taxi to arrive. Instead, you can pre-book your taxi in advance and secure a set-rate fee with Welcome Pickups.

Singapore Taxi Tips

  1. Most standard taxis in Singapore can seat four adults. Three children under the age of 12 are considered as two adults.
  2. Most taxis in Singapore know the major hotels and shopping malls only. Make sure you have directions to hand or you know a landmark close to your destination.
  3. Make sure to fasten your seatbelt, failure to do so could mean a $300 SGD fine.
  4. Most Singapore taxi drivers don't accept Visa card payments. You can pay with other credit cards for a 10% fee.
  5. Make sure your taxi is set to the correct base fare before beginning your journey.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Singapore

Almost all Premium taxis in Singapore are wheelchair accessible, so you can stay seated in your chair for the journey. You can wait at a taxi rank for a Premium taxi or you can contact one of the companies that offer these services. SMRT and Comfort CityCab both offer fully wheelchair accessible taxis that can be booked in advance. 

Safety and Complaints for Singapore taxis

Taxis in Singapore are heavily checked and regulated by the government. If a taxi driver is found to be scamming a customer, they will lose their taxi license and even face jail time. So, these deterrents make for a very safe and enjoyable experience for customers. Having said this, if you do have any problems, feel you have been overcharged or have left personal belongings behind, we suggest asking for your receipt from the driver and calling the taxi company that you travelled with.

Frequently asked questions

Do you tip Singapore taxi drivers?

Taxi drivers in Singapore don’t expect tips. It’s very rare to tip your driver for this service. However, if you have thoroughly enjoyed your journey, you can round up to the nearest Singapore Dollar and make sure to let your driver know it’s a tip and you don’t need change.

Is taxi expensive in Singapore?

Not at all. Taxis in Singapore are actually extremely affordable. If you choose to travel in a standard taxi, you can expect to pay a base fare of €1.95 ($3 SGD) and then €0.14 ($0.22 SGD) for every 400m travelled after the first km.

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