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Berlin Taxi

Berlin Taxi General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Berlin

There are over 8000 taxis in Berlin and they are run by over 3,000 individual companies, more than any city in Germany. Although this may sound like a large number, thanks to the implementation of regulated fares, the fierce competition has made Berlin taxi prices quite affordable.

If you’ve only got a short time in this beautiful city, or simply prefer to get from A to B without messing with public transport – taking a Berlin taxi is a great option. You can easily hail a cab in the street, call one of the many taxi companies, download an app, or walk to a taxi stand at one of the main transportation hubs or tourist spots throughout the city.

Taxis in Berlin are beige/ivory with a yellow and black taxi sign on the roof. When the sign is lit up, this means that the taxi is available. Vehicles typically seat up to 4 passengers, so if you need a vehicle to accommodate a group larger than that, the best thing to do is book with a taxi company.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much is a taxi in Berlin?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
An ivory Berlin taxi parked at the airport.

Berlin taxi prices

Taxi prices in Berlin are kept fairly low thanks to the high competition between taxi companies, however, all fares are regulated throughout the city. Berlin taxis use a taximeter based on distance to calculate your journey, so the further you travel, the more expensive your ride will be. For metered rides, the taximeter should be set to Tariff 2. 

  • Base Fare – €4.30
  • Rate/km for first 3 km – €2.80
  • Rate/km from 3-7 km – €2.60
  • Rate/km after 7 km – €2.10
  • Waiting charge per hour – €33

There are also extra charges for certain factors:

  • €6 per person for groups of five or more people in a large-capacity taxi
  • €1.50 for payments made via the voucher or invoice system of the radio taxi dispatchers
  • €1.50 for all rides from BER Airport

To give you an idea of prices, an airport taxi to the city centre costs around €65. However, if you’re heading to a destination outside of the city, you can negotiate a fixed fare with your driver before starting the ride. Just keep in mind that drivers are forbidden from accepting fixed fares for rides in the city.

Alternatively, if you’re planning a short journey of less than 2 km, you can take a Kurzstrecke taxi in Berlin instead. All taxis offer a ‘special rate’ of €6 if you’re travelling anywhere within a 2 km radius of your pickup point, making it extremely easy to get around the city on a low budget.

If you’re taking a Kurzstrecke taxi, the taximeter should be set to Tariff 1. Note that the short-distance flat rate does not apply when calling for a pickup or using a taxi app. 

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How to get a taxi in Berlin

Getting a taxi in Berlin couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to wave a taxi down in the street or stroll to your nearest taxi rank, you’ll soon be on your way to the next exciting location. There are thousands of taxis buzzing around the capital, all you need to do is look for a taxi with its yellow roof light on and flag it down. If you want to take a Kurzstrecke short trip, you can only do this by waving down a taxi in the street and then letting the driver know before they set the taximeter.

Likewise, there are plenty of taxi stands dotted around the city. They are easily recognisable by the long line of ivory taxis with the classic yellow ‘TAXI’ sign on top. Although you can find taxi ranks all over the city at major transportation hubs, large hotels, and popular tourist attractions, some of the most common are at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof Station, Alexanderplatz Subway Station, and the Reichstag.

How to get a taxi from Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Getting an airport taxi at Berlin Brandenburg Airport is easy as they are available 24/7. There are taxi ranks located right outside Terminal 1 on Level E0 (Arrivals), as well as on the Departures level. If you land at Terminal 2, you will need to follow the T1 signs. They will lead you to a dedicated walkway that connects both terminals. Once in Terminal 1, all you have to do is follow the ‘Taxi’ signs to the rank outside and join the taxi waiting line. There are also members of staff there to assist with any queries or requests.

How to get a taxi from Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station

Taxis are available outside Berlin Central Station day and night, although they often sync with train arrivals. There are two ranks both located on the Ground Floor of the station. One is located on the northern side next to the Europaplatz exit, whereas the other is on the southern side close to the Washingtonplatz exit. As you disembark your train, just follow the ‘TAXI’ signs to the Ground Floor and head to whichever rank suits you best. 

*Do not accept rides from individuals approaching you inside the station. It is always best to ensure you take a taxi from an official taxi rank.

How to get a taxi from Alexanderplatz subway station

To catch a Berlin taxi from outside Alexanderplatz Station, you will need to exit the station onto Dircksenstraße Road. Across the street, you will see the Galeria store with a line of ivory taxis and a blue taxi stand sign just outside. 

How to get a taxi from the Reichstag Building

If you’re visiting this stunning parliament building, there is a taxi stand conveniently located on one of the main roads next to the Reichstag. When you exit the site onto Scheidemannstraße Road, you will see a line of coaches and behind that, a taxi stand with its telltale blue sign. 

*The Reichstag taxi stand is temporarily closed due to roadworks.

Best taxi apps in Berlin

During peak season and public holidays, getting a taxi on the street is more difficult. Especially if there’s bad weather or high traffic levels. Instead of searching for a taxi on the street, there are a number of taxi apps in Berlin that you can use to book a ride. These types of apps tend to provide benefits such as fare estimations and security measures for added peace of mind.

The most commonly used services are Free Now, Uber, Bolt, and Taxi EU. However, keep in mind that during periods of high demand, waiting times can be longer and prices are often higher.

Or, for a fully personalised Berlin taxi service, you can pre-book your taxi with a trusted provider like Welcome Pickups. With a guaranteed fixed fare, on-time pickups, and an English-speaking driver – this choice is especially useful for airport pickups and drop-offs.

Useful Berlin taxi numbers

If it’s raining or late at night and you don’t want to wait outside for a taxi, you can call several private Berlin taxi services or radio taxi dispatchers to arrange a pickup. This is also useful for larger groups in need of a vehicle that can accommodate more than 4 passengers.

There are a few companies with good reviews, the most popular of which is Taxi Berlin. They also have their own app offering fare estimates and GPS location tracking.

Top-rated Berlin taxi numbers:

  • Taxi Berlin: +30 202 020
  • Würfelfunk: +30 210 101
  • TaxiFunk Berlin: +30 443 322
  • Quality Taxi: +30 263 000
  • EcoTaxi: +30 210 1020

Book your Berlin taxi in advance

Knowing that your taxi will be waiting for you at a set time, in a set location and with a fixed price takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. If you prefer budgeting and planning your trip, then you can book your taxi in Berlin with one of the many online taxi companies that allow it.

Bear in mind that many advance-booking companies may have high fees. So to avoid steep rates and hidden charges, you can book your taxi with a trusted provider such as Welcome Pickups.

Tips for your taxi in Berlin

  1. Official taxis have a Berlin licence plate and a taxi licence number displayed in the vehicle's rear window. Licence numbers higher than 8000 do not exist in Berlin.
  2. Rides within the city must be calculated with a taximeter. However, if you’re heading outside of Berlin, you can negotiate a fixed price with the driver.
  3. The short-distance rate only applies if the taxi is hailed on the street. It does not apply to taxis ordered by phone, app, or from the taxi stand.
  4. During peak travel times, expect to wait at the taxi rank for around 10 minutes for an available taxi. During this time, we recommend pre-booking your transfer to avoid the long wait times.
  5. It’s customary to tip your taxi driver in Berlin around 10% of your total fee. If you take a Kurzstrecke Berlin taxi, then adding on a few cents is also appreciated but not obligatory.
  6. Almost all taxis in Berlin accept cards, however, some companies do charge an additional €1.50 for non-cash payments.
  7. Make sure your driver resets their taximeter to the base fare before you begin your journey.
  8. Taxis in Berlin don’t have baby-seats available, but there’s no extra cost to fit your own.
  9. Be sure to ask for your receipt after your journey is complete in case you leave anything in the taxi.
  10. Not all Berlin taxi drivers in Berlin speak English, so it’s a good idea to write your address down or have it ready to show on Google Maps.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Berlin

Although almost all taxis in Berlin have enough storage space to hold a foldable wheelchair, there aren’t any wheelchair-accessible taxis for electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

However, if you wish to book a fully accessible taxi with spacious seating, large walkways and access ramps, you can contact Berlin Transport Service at +30 4920 4316 or email [email protected].

On the other hand, nearly all buses and metro stations in the city are wheelchair accessible, so this may be another great option.

Berlin taxi safety and complaints

Whilst it’s not common, sometimes your Berlin taxi driver can be rude, try to charge you extra or take you on a long journey to build up the fare.

If this does happen to you, you must keep your receipt, as it contains the taxi company address, the concession number, the fare, the date, the distance travelled and the driver’s signature.

You will then need to call the taxi company that your driver works for (this is usually shown on your receipt or the outside of the taxi door) and speak to their complaints department. You can also contact the local police on +49 304 664 4664.

Frequently asked questions

Are taxis expensive in Berlin?

Taxis in Berlin are actually more affordable than in most big cities in Germany. They use a taximeter based on distance to calculate their fare, with a base rate of €4.30 and a rate/km of €2.80 for the first 7 km, and €2.10 for every kilometre after that. If you choose to take a Kurzstrecke (short journey) Berlin taxi, it will cost you €6 to reach any destination within a 2 km radius. For a guaranteed set rate with no hidden costs, we recommend booking your taxi with Welcome Pickups.

How do I call a taxi in Berlin?

There are many different taxi services in Berlin, although the most well-known is Quality Taxi Berlin (+30 263 000). You can also try Taxi Berlin (+30 202 020), Würfelfunk (+30 210 101), or TaxiFunk Berlin (+30 443 322). Make sure you’re ready to leave before calling as most taxis arrive within 5 minutes. The phone operator will likely ask your name, pickup address, and destination, and will then provide you with the estimated arrival time of your taxi and the taxi number.

Do you tip taxis in Berlin?

Yes, it’s customary to tip your driver in Berlin around 10% of your total fare. If you take a Kurzstrecke taxi, you’re not obligated to tip. Although giving €0.50 extra will always be appreciated.

Does Berlin have a taxi app?

Yes, there are a few taxi apps in Berlin to choose from. One of the most popular local taxi services is Taxi Berlin and they provide an app with similar functions to that of Uber. You can also use Taxi EU, Bolt, and Uber to get around the city.

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