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Crete Taxis

Crete Taxi General Information and Tips


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Crete Taxis

Crete is full of history, culture and stunning scenery, so it’s no wonder you can’t wait to begin exploring all the island has to offer. If you’re planning to visit Chania or Heraklion during your stay, using a Crete taxi is a quick, laid-back and affordable way to explore the island.

You can easily find a taxi in either city by hailing one from the street, walking to a taxi rank, using the FreeNow taxi app, or simply calling one of the radio companies. For a more personalised service, you can book your private transfers with Welcome in Chania and Heraklion.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
95 €
100 €
75 Min
19 €
24 €
10 Min
40 €
44 €
30 Min
110 €
120 €
120 Min

Crete taxi prices

Taxi prices in Crete are regulated by the government and taxis in Chania and Heraklion must both use a taximeter to calculate their fare. There are two different tariffs used by taxis in Crete, Tariff 1 is used during the day (05:00 to 00:00) and Tariff 2 is used at night (00:00 to 05:00), or when travelling outside of the main city zones. Fares are calculated as follows:

Minimum fare – €4

Base fare – €1.80

Price per km (Tariff 1) – €0.90

Price per km (Tariff 2) – €1.25

*Extra charges for things like excess luggage, travelling during major holidays, surcharges from the airport and port, and waiting for one hour (€45).

To give you an idea of how much a taxi ride will cost, a taxi from Chania Airport to Chania Town costs approximately €25, and from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion city centre, you’ll pay around €20.

What our customers say about Welcome

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How to get a taxi in Crete

Taxis in Crete are plentiful and have a different colour depending on where they are from. Taxis in Chania are dark blue on the bottom and white on top, whereas, Heraklion taxis are usually grey. You can choose to take a taxi from a taxi rank, hail one from the street or call one of the local radio taxi companies. 

If you choose to hail a taxi from the street, all you need to do is stick out your arm and wave. It’s worth noting that in both Chania and Heraklion, taxis already carrying a passenger may still stop to see if you are travelling in the same direction. If you share a taxi with a stranger, it won’t affect the price, you will still be charged from your pickup location. 

You may prefer to walk to a taxi rank and wait in line. If so, you can find them dotted around the cities near tourist spots, such as the port and the airport:

Taxis ranks in Heraklion: Venetian port, in the historical city centre, outside the cathedral church of Saint Minas and Kazantzakis Tomb.

Chania taxi ranks: Chania bus station, the Old Venetian Harbour, by Nea Chora beach and at the main square. 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to wait inside away from the summer sun, you can call a radio company. If you’re in Chania, you can call +30 282 109 8700 and from Heraklion, you can call +30 281 082 4834. Bear in mind that there will be an extra charge for using this service. 

Why book your Crete taxi in advance?

Both Heraklion and Chania are stunning cities on the island of Crete and the best way to explore them is by taxi. However, there’s nothing worse than wasting your day waiting for your taxi to arrive or having to stand outside in the hot sun and wait for one to pass, especially in high season.

Instead, book your Crete taxi in advance so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation. For local English-speaking drivers, set-rate fees and 24/7 customer support, we suggest booking your Chania or Heraklion taxi with Welcome Pickups. 

Crete taxi tips

  1. Many places in Crete sound similar, so be sure to write down your destination if you’re unsure.
  2. Make sure you're entering a licensed taxi by checking for the grey colour in Heraklion or dark blue and white cars in Chania.
  3. Before beginning your journey, ensure your Crete taxi driver resets the taximeter to the base fare of €1.80.
  4. Most taxi drivers don’t carry change for €20 bills or larger, so be sure to carry change with you.
  5. If you think your driver is taking the long route to your destination, check your location on Google Maps and make your driver aware.
  6. When going on a long journey, ask your driver for an approximate fare so you don't have any nasty surprises.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Crete

Unfortunately, standard taxis in Crete don’t cater for wheelchair accessibility. However, there are companies that specialise in this service.

If you need a taxi in Heraklion, you can book with Disability Heraklion taxi by calling +30 6946 12 3324. Their vehicles feature electro-hydraulic ramps and space for two wheelchairs and five passengers. On the other hand, If you’re staying in Chania, you can contact Ermes Taxi Services (+30 28210 98700) to book your fully wheelchair-accessible Chania taxi.

Crete taxi complaints and safety

Compared to many main cities in Europe, taking a Crete taxi is very safe as they are heavily regulated. However, if you do experience any problems during your journey such as a rude driver, overcharging or an unlicensed taxi, you can make a report to the Tourist Police.

When using a Heraklion taxi, you can make your complaint by calling +30 2810 274 042. For a taxi in Chania, you can call +30 2821 031 111. Be sure to ask for your receipt or note your driver’s ID and taxi number before calling. 

Frequently asked questions

How to get a taxi in Crete ?

Taxis in Crete are plentiful and have a different colour depending on where they are from. You can easily find a taxi in Chania or Heraklion by hailing one from the street, walking to a taxi rank or simply calling one of the radio companies. Private transfers are also available from Heraklion and Chania, allowing you to skip the stress of waiting around for a local taxi or using public transportation.

How much is a taxi in Crete?

Taxis in Crete use a taximeter based on distance to calculate the cost of your journey. These fares are highly regulated by the Greek government. Crete taxi services charge a base fare of €1.80, €0.90 per km during the day (05:00 to 00:00) and €1.25 at night (00:00 to 05:00). Charges for factors such as excess luggage, travelling during major holidays and rides from the airport and port may apply. For a guaranteed fixed fare with no extra charges, you can pre-book a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

What is the best way to get around Crete?

Crete is a large island with lots to see. So whether you’re staying in Chania or Heraklion, using a Crete taxi to explore is the most convenient option. Compared to many other Greek cities, taxis in Crete are also very affordable.

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