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Washington DC Taxis

Washington DC Taxi General Information and Tips


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


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Taxi Service in Washington DC

Washington DC is a fascinating city, filled with impressive monuments and museums, so the best way to see it all is by taking a Washington DC taxi. Taxis are the quickest, easiest and most comfortable way to get around downtown and they are available 24/7. You can choose to either hail one from the street, walk to a taxi rank or call one of the official phone dispatch companies. 


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
55 €
55 €
112 €
112 €

Washington DC taxi prices

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles sets and regulates all Washington DC taxi prices throughout the district. The latest DC taxi cab fares were set in January 2018 and are still in place today. All Washington DC taxis charge using a taximeter based on the distance you travel or the time you wait, rather than a set-rate fee. 

Base fare (including first 1/8 mile) – $3.50 USD (€3)

Price per mile – $2.16 USD (€2)

It’s also worth noting that there will be extra charges for things such as keeping your driver waiting for an hour ($25 USD (€21)) booking a taxi over the phone ($2 USD (€1.70)) and using a taxi during a declared snow emergency ($15 USD (€13)). To enjoy a set-rate fee, you will need to book a private taxi or shuttle service.

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How to get a Washington DC Taxi

Like most cities in the United States, you can easily hail a taxi from the streets of Washington. Simply check for an empty cab, stick out your arm and hail one down. However, if you prefer, you can also walk to one of the designated taxi ranks located all around the city. You can find the Washington DC taxi ranks at the airport, all the major hotels and the most popular sites such as the Martin L. King Jr. Memorial, Washington Capital, Air and Space Museum, Nationals Ball Park and the Convention Centre.

If the weather is bad, it’s late at night or you’re not near any of the taxi ranks, you can always call one of the official phone dispatch companies. Simply give them a call, state your name and location, then tell them where you’re heading. They will begin the taximeter once you get in the taxi, not from the moment they leave dispatch, but there is an added fee of $2 USD (€1.70) for using a phone dispatch DC taxi cab service. The companies available to call are:

Diamond Cab Association: +1 (202) 387-6200

District Cab: +1 (202) 398-0500

VIP Cab: +1 (202) 269-9000

United Ventures Consortium: +1 (202) 269-1100

Yellow Cab Company: +1 (202) 544-1212

Book your DC taxi cab service in advance

Although there are plenty of DC taxi cab services available in Washington, during peak summer months or crazy snowy winters, it can be extremely hard to find an empty one. Calling one of the phone dispatch taxi companies can take hours and waiting around in the street will simply waste your precious time in the city. Instead, you can book your Washington DC taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups and enjoy 24/7 customer service, on-time pickups and unbeatable prices. 

Washington DC taxi tips

  1. Make sure your driver resets the taximeter to the base fare before you begin your journey.
  2. You will be charged a $1 USD (€0.80) fee for any additional passengers after the first passenger.
  3. Charged wait time begins 5 minutes after your driver arrives at the designated pickup location.
  4. All Washington DC taxi drivers must display their photo ID on the front passenger visor and the passenger information monitor located on the back of the main passenger seat.
  5. Washington DC taxis don’t come with a baby seat as standard but you can bring and fit your own for free.

Wheelchair accessible taxi service in Washington DC

Unfortunately, the taxis that are available to flag down on the streets of Washington DC aren’t wheelchair accessible. However, there are two different phone dispatch companies that offer wheelchair accessible DC taxi cabs; Royal Taxi (+1 202-398-0500) and Yellow Paratransit (+1 202-544-1213). You can either call them on the numbers listed or book a taxi ride online in advance. The wheelchair-accessible taxis can fit 3 to 4 extra passengers after the wheelchair user is situated. 

Washington DC taxi safety and complaints

Washington DC taxis are some of the safest in the world. They are extremely closely monitored by the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, who set the rates and regulations for the entire district. Having said that, if you do experience any issues during your ride or any discrimination, you can make a formal complaint quickly and easily by calling +1 (855) 484-4966 or +1 (202) 645-7300 or by filling in this simple online form. Just be sure to have the driver’s name, license number, ID number or personal vehicle identification number (PVIN) to hand when filing your complaint. 

Frequently asked questions

How do you call a taxi in DC?

There are 5 official phone dispatch DC taxi companies working in Washington, they are; Diamond Cab Association (+1 (202) 387-6200), District Cab (+1 (202) 398-0500), VIP Cab (+1 (202) 269-9000), United Ventures Consortium (+1 (202) 269-1100) and Yellow Cab Company (+1 (202) 544-1212). They are available 24/7 but they do charge an extra fee of $2 USD (€1.70) for the phone service.

Are taxis expensive in Washington DC?

Washington DC taxis are reasonably priced compared to most other USA cities. Taxis in Washington use a taximeter to calculate your fare and don’t offer set-rate fees. You will be charged based on the distance you travel, starting with a base fare of $3.50 USD (€3) (which includes the first 1/8th of a mile), and then a price per mile of $2.16 USD (€2). If you’d prefer the peace of mind that comes with a set-rate fee, we suggest booking your DC taxi cab service in advance with Welcome Pickups.

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