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Milan Taxi

How to get a Taxi in Milan


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Taxi Milan

Italy’s second-largest city is often written off as being more cosmopolitan than Italian. But give it time and you’ll discover that Milan is not just about mainstream fashion and money. A joy to behold, this savvy metropolis is filled with hidden treasures which can only be unlocked from the comfort and convenience of a Milan taxi, or better yet – a private transfer.

So whether you are visiting the city for your annual shopping spree or to see the world-famous sights, spare yourself some trouble and take a taxi in Milan. Because what else would you do in this iconic city except travel in style?


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
MILAN TO BERGAMO 90 € 110 € 50 MIN
MILAN TO LAKE COMO 130 € 160 € 1 H 40 MIN
A white taxi in Milano, parked in a rank of official Milan taxis.
Official taxi, Milan, Italy.

Milan taxi prices

If you’re taking a taxi, Milan has an official tariff system established by the municipality and it is binding for all companies. This means your final fare will be calculated using a taximeter. The following Milan taxi prices apply:

Day Tariff (06:00-21:00):

Base fare  – €3.90
Price per km – €1.28

Night Tariff (21:00-06:00):

Base fare – €7.60
Price per kilometre – €1.28

It’s important to be aware of additional charges that apply only to the city of Milan. Most notably, when the taximeter reaches €16.74, the fare per kilometre increases to €1.91. Additionally, you may need to pay extra for things such as vehicle type, number of passengers, and excess luggage.

*When taking a Milan Airport taxi from Malpensa Airport to the city centre, taxis offer fixed fares of €104. For Bergamo Airport and Linate Airport, fixed fares do not apply.

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How to get a taxi in Milan

Getting a taxi in Milan is simple enough, as there are multiple ways to do so. You can hail a taxi from the street, although Milan taxis are not very easy to flag down as drivers are not used to picking up passengers off the street.

A better alternative is to walk to the nearest taxi stand. Ranks are located in Piazza Duomo, Piazza Repubblica, Piazza Duca D’Aosta, near Garibaldi railway station, Piazza Castello, and Largo Augusto, as well as outside train stations and at the airports.

For a more convenient door-to-door service, you can call a local Milan taxi service, or book a private transfer,  Reliable taxi companies in Milan include Taxiblu (+39 02 4040) and Radio Taxi Freccia (+39 02 4000). Just remember that when calling a radio taxi company, the meter starts running as soon as the driver gets the call, so your fare will be higher.

Finally, you can also download a Milan taxi app and hail a ride from your exact location. Popular Milan taxi apps include appTaxi and Free Now.

Why pre-book a taxi in Milan?

Sacrificing precious time to locate a taxi rank or hail a cab is not ideal. Plus, during rainy days, peak season or periods when the Fiera Milano has events, taxis are almost impossible to find, so waiting times may be longer. That’s why we recommend booking a private transfer with a trusted provider like Welcome Pickups.

Not only will you secure a fixed fare ahead of time, but you’ll unlock trained, English-speaking drivers, 24/7 customer support and personalised, on-time pickups.

So book a Milan taxi in advance with Welcome and enjoy a customised, stress-free ride.

Milan taxi tips

  1. Remember that many taxi drivers don’t speak fluent English, so learning a few words in Italian is certainly a good idea!
  2. When calling a radio taxi, travellers should bear in mind that there is an obligatory charge consisting of the time the taxi takes to reach you.
  3. Most taxis drivers in Milan accept credit cards, but it’s better to ask before getting in the car.
  4. Taxis cannot be flagged down as they pass you along the street unless their ‘taxi’ light is on.
  5. Tipping your taxi driver is not expected, although rounding up the fare to thank your driver for especially good service is always appreciated.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Milan

Most Milan taxis are not suitable for wheelchair users. If you’re comfortable folding up your wheelchair, you can store it at the back and book a regular service.

However, if you need a vehicle specially set up to accommodate and load a wheelchair, TaxiBlu (+39 02 4040) provides such vehicles.

Safety and complaints for taxis in Milan

Some drivers have a reputation of taking advantage of travellers who are jet-lagged and travel-weary, or new to the city of Milan.

Although this is rare, if you suspect you have been a victim of overcharging, make sure you ask for a receipt, note down the license plate and Milan taxi number and contact the company or the local police (+39 02 7727 2200).

Frequently asked questions

Do you tip taxis in Milan?

If you’re taking a taxi, Milan drivers don’t expect a tip. If you’re using a taxi app in Milan, tipping is also not required. However, if your driver goes out of their way to assist you, rounding up the fare will be much appreciated.

Is calling a Milan taxi service reliable?

Despite their reputation, most Milan taxi drivers are professional, friendly, and honest. Although there’s always a risk of being overcharged, especially with factors such as language barriers. However, getting a taxi from a rank lowers the chance that you’ll wind up in unregistered an taxi. Or, for a guaranteed 5-star experience, you can pre-book a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

How much is a taxi from Bergamo Airport to Milan city centre?

Taking a taxi from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan city centre costs around €100. Your journey will be charged using a taximeter, based on the distance travelled. If you’d prefer a guaranteed fixed fare with no hidden fees, pre-booking a private transfer is the way to go.

How much is a taxi from Milan Airport to city centre?

Local Milan taxis offer fixed fares from Malpensa Airport to the city of Milan. You’ll pay €104 for the trip. Keep in mind that there may be additional costs for things such as excess luggage, travelling at night or during major holidays.

Is public transport in Milan easy to navigate?

Public transport in Milan makes getting around the city easy and cheap. The city has an extensive transport network which includes the Metro, the Suburban Railway, the tram and bus network, as well as taxi, car and bike sharing services. Although, the only door-to-door option is a taxi or private transfer.

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