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Phuket Taxi

Phuket Taxi General Information and Tips


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Phuket Taxi

Due to the limited public transportation options, Phuket taxis are the preferred mode of transport for most travellers, as they offer a private, 24/7 door-to-door service in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle. Whilst taxis in Phuket are relatively cheap, they can be surprisingly difficult to find. For this reason, many travellers prefer to use local taxi companies or book with a private transfer provider.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
20 €
20 €
45 MIN
23 €
23 €
50 MIN
10 €
10 €
20 MIN
A line of red and yellow Phuket taxis parked outside of Phuket Airport.

Phuket taxi prices

Taxis prices in Phuket are calculated using a taximeter, based on the distance travelled. However, it is quite common for drivers to offer a fixed fare. In this case, you can try to negotiate a lower fare or, you can insist that the driver turns on the taximeter before setting off. If you’re taking a Phuket Airport taxi, it’s best to head to the taximeter counters at the airport.

Nevertheless, Phuket taxi prices are calculated as follows:

Base Fare – €1.30 (THB 50)

First 2 km  – €1.30 (THB 50)

Per km for the next 15 km – €0.30 (THB 12)

Per km after 15 km – €0.25 (THB 10)

*Keep in mind that airport surcharges and extra fees may be added to your final fare.


If you end up negotiating a fixed rate, here are some indicative prices set by the government to help you negotiate the right amount:

Phuket Airport to Phuket Town (including airport surcharge) – €20 (THB 750)
Phuket Airport to Patong – €23 (THB 900)
Phuket Airport to Kata – €28 (THB 1100)
Phuket Town to Rawai – €13 (THB 500)
Phuket Town to Phuket Port – €12 (THB 450)
Phuket Town to Chalong Bay – €10 (THB 400)

For a guaranteed fixed rate with no hidden fees and a service you can rely on, book a private transfer in advance.

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How to get a taxi in Phuket

Although there are not many taxis in Phuket, the numbers are increasing as visitor numbers increase every year. There are a few options available to you; you can hail a metered Phuket taxi from the streets, call a taxi company to arrange a pickup, use a ride-hailing app such as Grab, or pre-book a private transfer.

Metered taxis are easily recognisable with their red and yellow colours and “TAXI-METER” signs on the roof. Look for a red light in the front window, this indicates that the taxi is empty. Keep in mind that metered taxis can be quite difficult to find and you may be waiting a while before you flag one down.

If you’re after a prompt service, you can contact local taxi companies or book a private transfer in advance. Phuket taxi companies often operate with fixed fares, if this is the case, always try to negotiate the price down to a lower amount. It’s important to note that most of these services will be more expensive than a metered Phuket taxi. Nonetheless, these are some of the highest-rated providers:

Get Phuket Taxi +66 99 113 3171

Phuket taxi service – +66 84 065 4009 (via Whatsapp)

Other taxi services you can use are Phuket tuk-tuks. Usually in bright red or yellow, these modified tuk-tuks are a popular choice for tourists after a novelty experience. You can find them parked outside Phuket’s major attractions and resorts. However, tuk-tuks are one of the more expensive ways of getting around the island.

Book your Phuket taxi transfer in advance

Finding a Phuket taxi can be quite difficult, especially if you’re trying to hail a cab from the streets. If you’d like to avoid waiting around until you find a taxi, booking with a private company is the way to go.

Knowing that your taxi will be waiting for you at a set time, in a set location and at a fixed price is reassuring. That’s why we recommend pre-booking a Phuket taxi service with a private transfer company like Welcome Pickups.

Not only will you unlock competitive set prices but, you’ll also get a trained English-speaking driver, 24/customer support and a trusted service you can rely on.

Phuket taxi tips

  1. Overall taxis in Phuket don't accept credit cards. Be sure to carry small cash in Baht (THB) on you.
  2. As Phuket is a touristy island, drivers have become used to tips, especially if they help you with your baggage. It is customary to round up your final fare as a tip.
  3. Make sure your driver resets their taximeter to the base fare and that the taximeter is turned on before you begin your journey.
  4. Taxi drivers in Phuket know the island by heart; there shouldn't be a problem finding your accommodation.
  5. Make a note of the telephone number for metered taxis, or you can ask for your driver's phone number; then you can order a taxi yourself when needed rather than relying on your hotel or trying to find one on the streets.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Phuket

Standard taxis in Phuket are not wheelchair-accessible, however, there is a company that specialises in accessible transport.

If you wish to book a fully-accessible taxi with spacious seating and access ramps, it is best to contact Phuket Access Travel, which is a small family run business offering professionally fitted vehicles with International Standard hoist and tie downs.

Phuket taxi safety and complaints

Taxis are relatively safe in Phuket and most drivers are very kind and welcoming. However, as always, there are always a few who are dishonest. If you are more comfortable knowing the taxi company you are taking, then you can always book a taxi from a trusted company in advance.

If you feel like your driver has overcharged you or was rude, you can take their information that is displayed on the taxi dashboard and report them to the local police or contact the Phuket taxi complaint service on 1584.

Frequently asked questions

Are taxis expensive in Phuket?

Taxi prices in Phuket aren’t too expensive, but they aren’t cheap compared to the rest of Thailand and prices can vary depending on which service you use. Taxis either calculate their fares using a taximeter or fixed prices. Nevertheless, a taxi ride to most destinations around the island should never exceed €28 (THB 1100). For a competitive price and a service you can rely on, consider booking a private transfer in advance with Welcome.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Phuket?

Yes, it is customary to round up your final fare as a tip for your driver.

How do you call a taxi in Phuket?

If you wish to avoid the hassle of finding a Phuket taxi, then it is best to call a taxi company or opt for a private transfer. Aside from booking with Welcome, you can also call these local providers: Get Phuket Taxi (+66 99 113 3171) and Phuket taxi service (+66 84 065 4009).

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