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Taxis in Baku

Baku Taxi: General Information and Tips


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Taking a taxi in Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital is the biggest city in the country as well as on the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus region. It offers an outstanding Soviet legacy, sky-high towers and a gorgeous ancient centre. Baku’s unique flair is understated and finding something that suits every taste when visiting the city is guaranteed. If you want to savour everything the city has to offer without spending hours figuring out how to get from A to B, then you might want to consider taking a Baku taxi for your transportation. Not only will you save precious time to explore the area at your own pace, but you will also feel more relaxed at the end of the day.

There are several ways to find a taxi in Baku; you can hail one from the street, download one of the taxi apps in Baku, phone a local taxi company and arrange a pickup, or walk to the nearest cab rank. Alternatively, you can also book a Baku taxi service in advance for a pre-paid ride and on-time pickup.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

What's the cost of a Baku taxi?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
BAKU TO GEBELE 50 € 50 € 210 MIN
Purple Baku taxis lined up outside of a hotel in Baku city centre.

Baku taxi prices

Baku taxis don’t offer fixed fares, instead, they use a taximeter to determine how much the passenger has to pay; this is binding for all legal taxis and transfer companies within the urban driving area. Drivers need to install officially calibrated taximeters and then charge the customer based on the below fares:

Minimum fare: €0.80 (AZN 1.50)
€0.50 (AZN 1)
Waiting charge per hour:
€3.20 (AZN 6)

*It’s important to note that taxi apps in Baku, such as Uber and Bolt and even a few local companies. charge higher prices (base fare of AZN 2.50). This is due to the government’s goal to reduce the high number of taxis and taxi companies operating in the city.

Usually, the taxis charge extra for oversized luggage which adds to the total amount paid for your travel, whereas luggage that can fit into the trunk can be transported in a Baku taxi free of charge. Keep in mind that other surcharges may be applicable depending on your chosen Baku taxi provider. For a competitive fixed fare you can rely on and no hidden fees, you can pre-book your ride in advance with Welcome.

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How to get a taxi in Baku

Around 67,000 taxis are operating in Baku and it’s a very popular way of getting around, even for locals. For this reason, you will not face any problems finding a taxi in Baku. When catching a cab in Baku city; you can hail one from the street, download a Baku taxi app, phone a local taxi service to arrange a pickup, head to the closest taxi rank, or book a private transfer.

Hailing a taxi from the street is easy as there are so many of them. You’ll see a few different types of taxis roaming the streets, the London cabs are the official metered taxis and they are either purple or white with an orange “TAXI” sign on the roof. The purple cabs are the most popular and well-equipped, whilst the white London cabs are typically cheaper, but the drivers are less likely to speak English. You can also find these taxis lined up at ranks outside of the main hotels and transportation hubs.

If you’d prefer a more personalised experience, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance. Or, you can call a local Baku taxi service and arrange a pickup; these are the more reliable options based on travellers’ reviews:

City Taxi – +994 12 310 08 44
Sərfəli Taksi MMC – +994 12 599 08 86

Alternatively, you can download a Baku taxi app such as Uber or Bolt, although it’s important to be aware that prices for such services are higher than those of standard taxis and other local apps. One of the best taxi apps in Baku is 189taxi – which is also reachable by phone (by dialling 189).

Benefits of booking a Baku taxi in advance

Finding your way around an unfamiliar city can be quite stressful – especially if you’re travelling with children or in a large group. Not to worry, Welcome can help you explore the city at your own pace!

When you arrange your Baku taxi ride with Welcome Pickups, you’ll unlock fully personalised services, trained English-speaking drivers, 24/7 customer support and plenty of travel extras. You’ll pre-pay for your ride so you can completely relax during your trip, without worrying about what the meter may add up to or the reliability of your driver.

Baku taxi tips

  1. Tipping is not very common when it comes to Baku taxis, but travellers tend to round up the fare for a great service.
  2. Ensure your Baku taxi has a taximeter before entering the vehicle and that the driver resets it as you start your trip.
  3. Always try to get a quote/price estimation for your ride when hailing a cab on the street to avoid surprises.
  4. If your driver is driving at an unsafe speed you should instruct them to slow down.
  5. Some taxis in Baku will have a POS system for card payments, however, many do not. As a general rule, the purple London cabs usually have a card machine, but you can always ask beforehand just in case.

Wheelchair-accessible Baku taxi service

Although there is space at the back of every standard taxi to store a folded wheelchair, most regular taxis operating in Baku aren’t fully accessible to passengers who wish to travel more comfortably. To make sure you have a suitable, well-equipped vehicle, you can pre-book your service by contacting the only wheelchair-accessible Baku taxi provider and government-backed Baku Taxi Service LLC – known for its purple, London-style cabs. You can order your taxi online or call +99 477 271 9111.

Safety and Complaints for Baku taxis

Baku taxi drivers are reliable and professional. Having said that, as always, make sure that the taxi you hail is legal by looking for a licence plate and company logo on the side of the vehicle.

The use of the taximeter protects passengers from overcharging, however, if you do suspect that you have been a victim of an unlicensed driver or happen to face any safety issues,  you can contact the local police department directly to report your experience. Make sure you keep the receipt, and write down the driver’s name, license number and vehicle registration.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a Baku taxi?

There are several ways to call a Baku taxi. You can hail one on the street, walk to the nearest rank, download a Baku taxi app or book your local taxi service via your chosen company’s website or via phone. Alternatively, you can also pre-book your taxi ride ahead of time with a reliable company like Welcome Pickups and benefit from a flexible cancellation policy and a professional team of hand-picked taxi drivers.

Do I need to tip my Baku taxi driver?

Tipping is not necessary for taxis in Baku, Azerbaijan but tips are always appreciated for great service. People in Azerbaijan tip an average of 8% to 20% for a particularly good service. Please also note that Baku taxi drivers do not accept foreign currency.

Can I pay for my Baku taxi by card?

Whilst a good number of purple taxis in Baku have POS machines, standard taxis operating in Ajerbaijan’s capital are not typically equipped with credit card machines. We recommend always carrying money in the local currency to make sure you can pay for your ride. If you are booking via phone, you can mention that you would like to pay by credit or debit card to ensure that the company dispatches an appropriate vehicle.

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