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Abidjan Taxi

Abidjan Taxi - General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Abidjan

Abidjan is the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire known for its impressive bridges, such as the Henri Konan Bédié Bridge, that connect different parts of the city and offer the best views of the Ebrié Lagoon as you cross them. Abidjan is a melting pot of cultures which is reflected in the city’s art, music, and food scene, providing the perfect introduction to Ivorian life. 

With so much to explore, you won’t want to waste any time waiting around for public transport. Simply jump into an air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy getting around the city quickly and comfortably in an Abidjan taxi or a pre-booked private transfer. Abidjan taxis are available any time of day and can be easily hailed from the street, booked in advance or through an app, or taken from one of the numerous taxi ranks scattered throughout the city.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
4.60 €
9.20 €
30 MIN
1 €
2 €
3 €
6 €
20 MIN

Abidjan taxi prices

Abidjan taxi prices can be slightly unpredictable since taximeters are rarely used and there are no official set fare rates between destinations. It is, therefore, necessary to always negotiate and agree on the price with your driver before departing – and speaking French in these situations can be very useful. When travelling short distances between neighbourhoods with journey times of around 10 minutes, the price of a taxi should cost €1.55 (XOF 1,000), or €3.10 (XOF 2,000) if travelling across two neighbourhoods. Longer distances will need to be negotiated.

You can expect higher taxi rates at night, during peak hour traffic, and when it is raining, as the demand for taxis during these times causes price increases. During these times you can expect to pay up to double the price of the normal fare rate.

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How to get a taxi in Abidjan

Whether you prefer to book a taxi in advance or flag one down directly off the street, taking a taxi in Abidjan is very easy as there is always one nearby and readily available. There are two types of taxis in Abidjan; privately owned ‘metered’ taxis can be identified by their reddish-orange colour and are licensed to operate in the city, and shared taxis called ‘woro woros‘, which operate along specific routes in certain neighbourhoods. Shared taxis are colour-coded based on the route that they service and are either yellow, blue or green, but even local people prefer to take private taxis as they are considered safer and transport you directly to where you need to go.

Taxis throughout Abidjan operate 24/7 and can be taken from designated taxi ranks outside all major transportation hubs, as well as hotels, shopping malls and popular tourist sites. If you prefer to hail one from the street, look for a red/orange Toyota Corolla with a yellow taxi sign on the roof. It is also possible to book a taxi using a local taxi app, although prices are known to fluctuate during peak hours and bad weather. Alternatively, you can ask your hotel to call one on your behalf to arrange a pickup. 

For travellers looking for a more seamless experience with guaranteed on-time pickups at a time and location of your choosing, a private transfer with Welcome Pickups offers a door-to-door personalised service without any of the hassle. 

Book your Abidjan taxi transfer in advance

Pre-booking your Abidjan taxi can take the hassle and worry out of making travel plans. You can relax knowing that your private vehicle will arrive on time at your preferred location. Furthermore, you can plan ahead and budget for your trip, knowing that you won’t experience overcharging or face any hidden costs. Avoid any uncertainty by securing a competitive rate with unbeatable 24/7 customer service, local English-speaking drivers, and a super easy booking process where you can lock in your private transfer in just 60 seconds – all with Welcome Pickups.

Abidjan taxi tips

  1. Confirm the payment method with your taxi driver before accepting a ride to avoid not being able to pay the fare.
  2. Notify your driver upfront if you only have a 5,000 or 10,000 franc note to pay with, so that they can stop and arrange change along the way.
  3. Official taxis should have the driver details on display. Take note of the details in case you leave anything behind.
  4. You should always wear a seatbelt for additional safety.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Abidjan

Unfortunately, Abidjan isn’t the most wheelchair-accessible and disability-friendly city, including some major hotels. Given that public taxis are sometimes found to be in poor condition, booking a private transfer with a specialised company can provide you with a more comfortable service and a larger vehicle. Otherwise, a regular taxi driver should be able to assist you with placing your wheelchair in the boot and helping you to your seat.

Abidjan taxi safety and complaints

Private taxis in Abidjan can be poorly maintained and shared taxis are often in worse states of disrepair. There are also reports of drivers overcharging tourists for taxi fares, referred to as ‘white tax’, so it can be helpful to know in advance what the normal rate is by speaking to your hotel concierge. Shared taxis are not recommended as they are prone to pickpockets but if you do need to take one, do so during the daytime; they should especially be avoided at night.

If you do feel like you have been overcharged, or if the safety of you or your belongings has been compromised, note down the registration number and the driver’s name, so that you can report them to the local police.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an Uber taxi in Abidjan?

Yes, you can book an Uber taxi in Abidjan. Rides can be booked online or through the Uber app, although keep in mind that availability may be limited during rush hour leading to increased fares or last-minute cancellations.

What currency can I use to pay for my Abidjan taxi?

You will need to pay for your taxi fare using the official currency of Côte d’Ivoire, the West African franc. While some taxis will accept card payments, cash payments are much more common and it is advisable to always carry small denominations of the local franc to avoid your driver not being able to give you change.

How do I call a taxi in Abidjan?

The easiest way to call a taxi in Abidjan is to ask your hotel to phone on your behalf so that they can arrange the best price for you in French. Alternatively, you can use a local taxi app such as Yango to book your ride, or if you know when and where you’ll be needing a pickup, pre-book a private transfer.

How do Abidjan taxi drivers calculate their fares?

Even when a taxi has a taximeter installed, they are rarely used. Instead, fares are negotiated up front with the driver and it may take a couple of taxi rides before you have a feel for what is a fare price, and are comfortable negotiating. As a guide, a 15 to 20-minute taxi ride should cost around €3 (XOF 2,000).

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