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Taxis in Hobart

Hobart taxi services are definitely the most convenient way to travel when visiting this incredible city. Surrounded by wilderness, mountains and beaches, Hobart is the capital of Australia’s island state of Tasmania. This makes it a great destination for many travellers. That’s exactly why you will find plenty of taxis in Hobart, Tasmania, as well as bus lines covering different routes. Having said that, if you’re looking to explore the surroundings in comfort or you don’t have much time to spare, choosing a Hobart taxi would be the most suitable option for you.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support


Taxi prices Day time
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Night time
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Taxi Hobart Tasmania Prices

Taxis in Hobart calculate their rates using a taximeter, based on the time and distance travelled to your destination. Two different tariffs apply when travelling, these are: the standard day fee, and the night and public holiday fee.

Tariff 1 (09:00 – 16:59):

Initial fee: €2.34 (AUD 3.60)
Per Km: €1,26 (AUD 1.94/Km)
Waiting time/minute: €0,42 (AUD 0.64)

Tariff 2 (17:00 – 08:59) (Saturday, Sunday + Public holiday):

Initial fee: €2.34 (AUD 3.60)
Per Km: €1,51 (AUD 2.32/km)
Waiting time/minute: €0,42 (AUD 0.64)

Keep in mind that all passengers using a taxi from/to the airport will have to pay a surcharge of €2,34 (AUD 3.60) and any tolls encountered during their trip. Moreover, additional charges apply to bank cards and electronic payments.

To avoid any surprises or hidden fees and guarantee an on-time pick-up and door-to-door drop-off, why not pre-book a private transfer online with one of our trusted local drivers for a fixed price?

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How to get a taxi in Hobart

Hobart taxi services are available 24/7 and are very easy to find at designated, clearly signposted taxi ranks. Busy places such as historical landmarks, ports, hotels, metro stations, and train stations will give you an excellent chance to find an available cab. In Hobart, taxi vehicles which are vacant usually have a lit rooftop sign. If that is the case, you may hail the taxi driver directly from the street. Alternatively, you can always pre-book your ride if you know when and where you’ll be needing one, or call a phone dispatch company for a pickup.  Some of the most popular local taxi providers you can phone are; United Taxis reachable at +61 3 6243 3300 and 131008 Hobart reachable at +61 13 1008.

Booking your Hobart Taxi Transfer in Advance

If you need to arrange a trip and do not have much leisure time, having a pre-booked Hobart taxi waiting for you at a specific location and at a fixed price is always more convenient.

Why not book your taxi in Hobart with Welcome Pickups? This way, you will be sure to secure a taxi ride with a handpicked, highly trained, local driver at a set competitive price with no hidden costs.

Tips for your Taxi in Hobart, Tasmania

  1. Always make sure your driver resets the taximeter to the base fare and appropriate tariff before you begin your journey.
  2. Generally, taxi drivers in Australia do not expect a tip for their services, although it is a common courtesy to round up the fare.
  3. Make sure to ask for your receipt after your journey is complete in case you leave anything in the taxi.
  4. Hobart taxi drivers accept cash and card payments, however, you will be subjected to up to a 10% service fee if you're using the card machine.
  5. As the Hobart taxi service can get quite pricey, it is recommended to use a private transfer company when travelling longer distances, to benefit from set rate fares.

Wheelchair Accessible Hobart Taxi

Wheelchair-accessible Hobart taxis are easy to book and available almost everywhere in Tasmania. You can find several Hobart taxi companies around the city, such as Tas wheelchair transport.

These larger taxis are very spacious and can accommodate wheelchair users and passengers with reduced mobility. You will need to pre-book your fully wheelchair-accessible vehicle in advance to ensure availability.

Safety and Complaints for Taxi in Hobart, Tasmania

If your Hobart taxi journey did not go well and you would like to file a complaint, you must first contact the taxi company you used.  If your complaint is left unanswered or you’re not satisfied with the solution that was provided, then you may refer to the Department of State Growth through Service Tasmania by calling +61 13 0013 5513.

Please, always remember to ask for your receipt at the end of your taxi ride as your driver’s information is on the slip.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Hobart?

Hobart taxi services are easy to find and available via different companies. You can either find a taxi at one of the many official taxi ranks placed around the city, hail a taxi directly from the street, pre-book your taxi online or request a ride via a phone call (please note, a booking fee may apply for the latter).

Do Hobart taxis accept card payments?

Official Hobart taxi drivers are required to display stickers showing they accept contactless and card payments in their vehicles. In general, any taxi in Hobart Tasmania will accept card payments but at a surcharge fee of up to 10% more than if you were to pay in cash.

Do I need to tip my Hobart taxi driver?

It is not common to tip your Hobart taxi cab driver, although tips are always appreciated. It is a common courtesy to let your taxi driver “keep the change”, or if you really enjoyed your ride, you can always leave a 10% tip.

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