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Maceio Taxi

Information and Tips for Using a Maceio Taxi


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Maceio taxi: the best option to get around

Maceio is the capital city of the state of Alagoas on the east coast of Brazil. It’s the perfect spot for travellers who want to enjoy the sun and visit Maceio’s beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters.

The best way to move around the city and nearby destinations during your trip is with a Maceio taxi. It’s a reliable and great value-for-money option for quick and comfortable transportation. Taxi service is available 24/7, and that’s almost everywhere around the city, so you can hail a taxi from the street or head to the nearest taxi rank. If you have a fixed itinerary and you know your plans in advance, another great option is to pre-book your Maceio airport taxi with Welcome Pickups to secure reliable service whenever you need it.

Alternatively, you can order a taxi online or over the phone by calling an official operator and having a taxi sent to your location. The options are plenty and you can choose the best solution depending on your preferences and budget.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)

Maceio taxi prices

Maceio taxi prices are set and regulated by the local authorities, which ensures reliable service and prevents scams. All official taxis are required to use a taximeter during each ride and the total fare results from the distance driven, traffic conditions, and what time or day it is – as two different tariffs apply;

Daytime Tariff
Base fare – €0.90 (BRL 4.79)
Rate/km – €0.50 (BRL 2.63)

Nighttime (21:00 – 06:00) and Weekend Tariff
Base fare – €0.90 (BRL 4.79)
Rate/km – €0.60 (BRL 3.15)

For standard luggage, there is no additional fee but keep in mind that other additional charges may apply, like a waiting time fee, which is €3 (BRL 15.82) per hour. To ensure a fixed fare without hidden fees that you’ll know and pay for in advance, the best option is to pre-book your Maceio taxi with Welcome Pickups.

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How to get a Maceio taxi

You can find a taxi in Maceio around the clock almost anywhere in the city. Official local taxis are usually white or yellow with the typical taxi sign on the roof. If you see an available taxi on the street, you can wave over to the driver and they’ll pull over to pick you up. If you’re in a more remote area, you can locate the nearest taxi rank; taxis usually line up in front of popular attractions or in busy areas like bus stations.

Another option to get a taxi in Maceio is by downloading any of the taxi-hailing apps on your mobile or by calling a taxi provider over the phone, such as:

Maceió Rádio Táxi: +55 (82) 2123 5555
Coopertaxi Maceió: +55 (82) 4141 5380
Teletaxi: +55 (82) 3320 8900

Before you go about looking for a Maceio taxi, consider pre-booking your transfers with Welcome Pickups to ensure reliable and professional service whenever and wherever you need it.

Why it’s worth pre-booking your taxi in Maceio

Moving around by taxi in Maceio is by far the most convenient option to enjoy fast and stress-free transportation during your trip. Even though Maceio taxis are available 24/7, service may be limited during peak hours or late at night. Pre-booking your Maceio airport taxi with Welcome Pickups will secure reliable transportation and a friend on the ground from the moment you land at the airport and throughout your trip.

All Welcome drivers are English-speaking professionals, hand-picked and trained to provide reliable door-to-door service. What’s great about Welcome transfers is that you can make your booking as early as you like without worrying about cancellation penalties; there’s a flexible cancellation policy in place that allows you to make changes even at the last minute.

But the greatest benefit is that Welcome guarantees a fixed, competitive fare that you’ll know in advance. Your Maceio taxi will be pre-paid, helping you stay within budget and ensuring a stress-free vacation!

Maceio taxi tips

  1. Not all taxi drivers in Maceio speak English so write down any important information in Portuguese.
  2. Once you get in the taxi, make sure that the taximeter is turned on and set to the base fare, which is €0.90 (BRL 4.79).
  3. Card payment is only sometimes possible so make sure to carry cash in the local currency in a variety of notes.
  4. Tipping your taxi driver in Maceio isn’t required but it’s customary to round up the total fare or ask the driver to keep the change.

Wheelchair-accessible taxi in Maceio

Maceio is an accessible destination for wheelchair users with many suitable accommodations, but transportation options are limited and you need to make arrangements in advance to secure a fully accessible vehicle. A standard Maceio taxi that you’ll find on the street should be able to fit a foldable wheelchair in the trunk but local taxis are rarely fully accessible to wheelchair users who require to remain seated during the ride.

To secure reliable transportation and move around Maceio comfortably during your trip, you can look for a private company or travel agency that has fully accessible vans in their fleet; keep in mind that the sooner you make arrangements, the better the service you’ll receive.

Maceio taxi safety and complaints

Using a taxi in Maceio is a perfectly safe option even for a tourist who doesn’t speak the local language. Local authorities regulate taxi services and scams don’t happen often if you choose an official operator.

If, however, you think you’ve been overcharged, the driver refuses to turn on the taximeter or shows unprofessional behaviour, you can directly contact the company they work for; they should be able to provide a solution and a refund if needed.

If the issue isn’t resolved, you can escalate the matter further to the local police. Writing down as much information as possible, including the driver’s name, license plate, and registration number will help them investigate the issue.

Frequently asked questions

What currency can I use to pay for my Maceio taxi?

The only currency used for all transactions in Maceio is the Brazilian Real when you’re paying in cash. Paying for a taxi in Maceio using a credit or debit card isn’t always possible, especially if you take a taxi from the street; if you’re not prepared already, make sure to look for a currency exchange office before leaving the airport if you plan to use a Maceio taxi.

How do I call a taxi in Maceio?

If you don’t see any taxis available on the street or you can’t locate the nearest taxi rank, you can order a Maceio taxi online by downloading any of the available taxi-hailing apps on your mobile. Alternatively, you can call a taxi over the phone; some reliable operators you can call are Maceió Rádio Táxi at +55 (82) 2123 5555, Coopertaxi Maceió at +55 (82) 4141 5380, and Teletaxi and +55 (82) 3320 8900.

How do Maceio taxi drivers calculate their fares?

Maceio taxis are metered and the government has set two different tariffs which apply to all official operators. The base fare is €0.90 (BRL 4.79) and the per-km rate is €0.50 (BRL 2.63) if you’re travelling by day or an increased €0.60 (BRL 3.15) if you’re travelling by night or on weekends.

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