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Taxi in Mendoza

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Taxis in Mendoza

The Argentinian city of Mendoza is famous for its intriguing wine production, breathtaking Aconcagua Mountain, and fabulous culinary scene. Taxis in Mendoza are a convenient mode of transport when visiting the cosmopolitan metropolis. You may not want to wait hours for the bus or navigate the public transport system while you’re here. Luckily, many taxis are available in Mendoza if you plan to explore the city centre and surrounding areas comfortably. You can hail a cab in the street, phone a reputable taxi company or hop in a taxi from a rank. If you want complete peace of mind with a pre-booked airport taxi, you can book your taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups and benefit from a fixed price, guaranteed on-time pickup, and a range of other perks.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
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Mendoza taxi service prices

Taxis in Mendoza calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the distance travelled and time spent taking the passenger to their destination. The current prices for a Mendoza taxi service are as follows:

  • Base fare: €0.90 (ARS 804)
  • Cost per km: €1.36 (ARS 1,214)
  • Waiting fee per hour: €4.25 (ARS 3,795)

Remember that these prices do not include surcharges that may apply for extra passengers, heavy luggage or airport taxi journeys. These surcharges depend on the taxi company you choose.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, consider pre-booking an airport taxi for a fixed price with a trusted provider like Welcome.

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How to get a taxi in Mendoza

Finding a taxi in Mendoza is simple. You have plenty of options; you can find one at a rank, hail one on the side of the road, or download one of the many mobile applications. The city’s popular taxi rank locations include major hotels, public transport stations and major tourist sites. In Mendoza and Argentina, taxis are black and yellow with a lit sign on the roof when available, so you won’t be able to miss them.

There are plenty of ways to secure a cab in Mendoza. The easiest way to do it is by hailing one on the street or getting one at one of the many taxi ranks. Radio taxis in Mendoza are available 24/7, too. Some local taxi providers you can phone include:

  • Brisas Remis: +54 (261) 437 8080
  • Radio Movil: +54 (261) 445 5855
  • Radio Taxi Mendoza: +54 (261) 422 2555

Another option is downloading the Radio Taxi app in Mendoza on the Google Play store; it is free and easy to use, and for a guaranteed on-time pickup with personalised service, you can also always consider pre-booking an airport taxi with Welcome Pickups!

Benefits of booking your Mendoza taxi transfer with Welcome

Effective budget management is key during your visit to Mendoza, just as it is in any travel destination. With a flexible cancellation policy and no driver-waiting fees, pre-booking your Mendoza taxi rides can be a smart move.

By organising your Mendoza taxi service in advance, you avoid the hassle of searching for an available taxi on the street or the need to always have cash on hand for cab payments. Opt for a smooth and economical journey by arranging your transportation online with Welcome Pickups.

We offer 24/7 availability, guaranteed on-time pickups, door-to-door rides, fixed-price fares and a range of other benefits. Your English-speaking, friendly, local, professional taxi driver will be waiting for you at your preferred location when you need them to transport you from A to B hassle-free!

Tips for your taxi in Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Remember that local taxis in Mendoza calculate their fares using a taximeter. The cost can increase based on time taken, distance travelled, and extra surcharges.
  2. Ensure your taxi in Mendoza is licensed by checking the displayed taxi license inside the cab.
  3. You must wear a seatbelt in the front seat. Seatbelts must also be worn in the back seats if belts are fitted.
  4. Tipping drivers in Mendoza is not mandatory, but a tip of around 10% of the fare is appreciated.
  5. Most drivers speak English, but you might also want to learn some phrases in the local language before your arrival.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Mendoza

Wheelchair-accessible taxis are not available in the streets of Mendoza. However, there are tours and holiday packages available where the operators have a wide variety of vehicles in their fleet, including accessible minivans. Access Travel provides wheelchair-accessible tours in Mendoza and the surrounding areas. Disabled Access Holidays offers packages too. Booking in advance is essential.

Safety and complaints for your Mendoza taxi

Although taxis in Mendoza are generally regarded as reliable and safe, if you would like to file a complaint about an unprofessional driver or report a negative experience or overcharging incident, you can first contact the taxi company you used. If you receive an unsatisfactory response, you can contact the national Ministry of Transport. Try to get a receipt at the end of your taxi ride to have all the necessary proof about the driver and your trip.

Frequently asked questions

Can I call a radio taxi in Mendoza?

Taxis in Mendoza are offered through many companies. You can find a taxi in Mendoza at one of the many taxi stands throughout the city, hail one in the street, or request a pickup through a radio taxi in Mendoza. Popular providers include Radio Movil, reachable at +54 (261) 445 5855 and Radio Taxi Mendoza contactable at +54 (261) 422 2555.

How can I pay for my taxi in Mendoza?

The main way of paying for a Mendoza taxi is in cash. The local currency is Argentine Peso (ARS). While cash is widely used, some taxis may also accept credit or debit card payments. If you plan to pay by card, confirm this with your driver before you travel as not all taxi vehicles are equipped with card machines. You can also pay by card and secure a ride online in advance with Welcome Pickups.

What's the average cost of a taxi in Mendoza?

Taxis in Mendoza calculate their fares using a taximeter; you can estimate the cost of your trip by adding up the base fare of €0.90 (ARS 804) and an additional cost of  €1.36 (ARS 1,214) per km. If you require your taxi to wait, there is also a charge of €4.25 (ARS 3,795) per hour. 

Keep in mind, that the final price may also depend on the taxi provider you use and is highly dependent on traffic conditions too, so booking ahead of time with a top-rated company is recommended.

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