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Taxi in Rennes

Information and Tips for Using a Taxi in Rennes


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Taxi in Rennes: The best way to get around

Rennes is the capital city of Brittany in northwest France and it’s a popular destination mainly for its well-preserved medieval architecture. But that is not all Rennes has to offer; you can also enjoy scenic walks in the city’s parks or along the river and visit some of the many lively bars and waterside cafés.

Taking a taxi in Rennes is the best way to explore the city and nearby destinations and make the most of your trip. The service comes with a moderate fare for in-city rides and it’s a reliable and fast transportation option. You can find a Rennes taxi 24/7 almost anywhere; the options are plenty and you can choose the best solution depending on your preferences and budget. If you’re looking for on-demand service, you can hail a taxi from the street or head to the nearest taxi rank, which you can usually find near busy locations or tourist attractions. Alternatively, you can use a Rennes taxi app to order a taxi online or call an official operator and have a taxi pick you up wherever you are. If your activities are fixed, another great option is to pre-book a personalised taxi in Rennes to save time and enjoy peace of mind during your trip.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
Rennes Taxi sign on the top of a taxi cab

Fare and rates of a Rennes taxi

Using a taxi in Rennes, France is a good value-for-money option to ensure convenient transportation between your accommodation and the places you wish to visit during your trip. All official taxis are metred and four different tariffs apply depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, and if it’s a one-way or a round trip. The one-way tariffs are the following;

Daytime tariff (Monday – Saturday 07:00 – 19:00)
Initial charge – €2.50
Rate/km – €1.60

Nighttime tariff (Monday – Saturday 19:00 – 07:00, Sundays, Public Holidays)
Initial charge – €2.50
Rate/km – €2.40

Note that additional charges may apply like the waiting time fee which is €0.42 per minute or extra fees for luggage, pets, etc. To ensure a fixed fare with no hidden costs that you’ll know in advance, you can always pre-book your Rennes taxi with Welcome Pickups.

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How to find a taxi in Rennes, France

Finding a taxi in Rennes, France is possible 24/7 all around the city. Official taxis have the typical sign on the roof, which is lit if the taxi is available. You can hail a taxi from the street by waving to the driver and they’ll pull over to pick you up. There are also multiple taxi stands near busy areas like train stations, malls, and tourist attractions.

Another option to find a taxi in Rennes is by downloading any of the available taxi-hailing apps on your mobile device and ordering a taxi online. To have a taxi sent to your location, you can also call an official provider over the phone. Some reliable options are the following;

Rennes Taxi Cab: +33 (02) 226 653 72
Artisans Taxis of Rennes: +33 (02) 993 603 03
All City Taxi: +33 (09) 509 164 23

If you have a fixed schedule, you can pre-book your taxi in Rennes with Welcome Pickups to save time. You’ll ensure reliable door-to-door service wherever and whenever you need it for a hassle-free travel experience.

Benefits or pre-booking your Rennes taxi

Moving around by taxi in Rennes is the best way to enjoy as much as possible during your trip. Even though service is available 24/7, finding an on-demand taxi in Rennes during peak hours or late at night may be challenging. Pre-booking your Rennes taxi with Welcome Pickups solves that problem and ensures reliable transportation whenever you need it.

With Welcome, you get reliable door-to-door transportation at a fixed, competitive fare that you’ll know in advance. That means that your Rennes taxi will be prepaid online, helping you to arrange as many transfers as you want while staying within budget. If there’s a change of plans, flexibility isn’t an issue as Welcome’s cancellation policy allows last-minute edits to your booking.

Also, all Welcome drivers are English-speaking professionals so language won’t be a barrier. They’ll provide the best possible service, offering a memorable experience to you and your travel party.

Tips for using a taxi in Rennes

  1. Not all taxi drivers in Rennes speak English so make sure to write down any important information in French.
  2. Once you enter the taxi, make sure that the taximeter is turned on and set to the base fare of €2.50.
  3. Card payment is only sometimes possible so it’s a good idea to carry a few euros in cash just in case.
  4. Tipping your taxi driver isn’t required in Rennes but you can round up to the nearest euro if you receive great service.

Wheelchair-accessible taxi in Rennes

Like most cities in France, Rennes ensures barrier-free access to people with reduced mobility, offering many accommodations and transportation options. Finding a fully accessible Rennes taxi on the street is quite unlikely but you should be able to fit a foldable wheelchair in the trunk in most cases.

If you require a fully accessible vehicle equipped with a ramp, you can make arrangements in advance with a local travel agency; they will help you plan all your activities with a fully accessible vehicle for the person using the wheelchair and their companions.

Rennes taxi safety and complaints

Rennes taxi service is generally a safe and reliable transportation option for tourists and scams aren’t common among official providers. If you think you’ve been overcharged or you wish to file a complaint against a taxi driver for unprofessional behaviour or reckless driving, you can contact the company they work for; they should be able to assist you if you provide them with the driver’s name, registration number, and licence plate number. If the company doesn’t come up with a solution, you can contact the local police at +33 (02) 996 500 22 and ask for further assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I call a taxi in Rennes?

If you don’t see a taxi on the street and are far from the nearest taxi rank, you can order a taxi online by downloading a taxi-hailing app on your mobile device. You can also call a taxi over the phone by calling an official operator like Rennes Taxi Cab at +33 (02) 226 653 72, Artisans Taxis of Rennes at +33 (02) 993 603 03 or All City Taxi at +33 (09) 509 164 23.

How can I pay for my taxi in Rennes?

Paying for a taxi in Rennes by credit/debit card may be possible in some cases but not all taxis accept card payments. It’s best to carry some euros in cash if you plan to use a taxi. Alternatively, you can book a ride with Welcome Pickups and pay online.

How do taxis in Rennes calculate their fares?

The fare of a Rennes taxi is calculated with the use of a taximeter, which must be installed in all official taxis. The rates are regulated by local authorities and the total distance, time of day, and traffic conditions are the main factors that determine the total fare for a ride. As a reference, a 10-minute ride costs on average €8 during the day and €10 during the night.

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