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Readily available taxis in Varna

Varna is a unique holiday destination on the coast of Bulgaria. With impressive beaches and awe-inspiring cultural sights, you and your loved ones will adore exploring this eclectic resort town. As a tourist, a Varna taxi is the safest and easiest way of getting around. You can hail one in the street, call a local taxi number, or pre-book a private transfer for totally stress-free travel.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
10 €
12 €
10 MIN
25.50 €
28 €
22 MIN
27 €
30 €
25 MIN
60 €
70 €
97 MIN

Varna taxi prices

When you take a local taxi in Varna, there should be a visible taximeter. That taximeter will calculate your final fare depending on the distance to your destination and the time of day. For instance, a taxi from Varna Airport to Varna city centre will likely cost you €10 (BGN 20). That journey is roughly 9 km and takes 10 minutes in light traffic. On the other hand, a taxi from Varna city centre to the Golden Sands resort will likely cost €25.50 (BGN 50) as it is a 17 km trip.

The base rate to start the journey is €1 (BGN 2) and the per km rate after that is €0.50 (BGN 1.10). These rates increase during night hours which are 22:00 to 06:00. More specifically, the base rate at night is €1.20 (BGN 2.30) and the per km rate rises to €0.60 (BGN 1.20).

As overcharging is quite common in Varna, it’s helpful to ask the driver for a rough estimation of the price before you get into the taxi. It’s also important you can see the taximeter throughout the ride. Alternatively, you can book a private transfer in advance so that you can secure a reasonable set-rate fare for all of your travels in and around Varna.

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How to get a taxi in Varna

When you want to explore Varna, there are plenty of taxis around. They are most commonly found in tourist areas and transport hubs like the airport. You can also hail a Varna taxi in the street, however, as a tourist, it’s safer to pre-book a local taxi in Varna or a private transfer to ensure you’re riding only with licensed drivers. 

Here are the more popular local Varna taxi numbers you can phone for a pickup: 

Triumf Taxi: +359 (52) 644 444
Omega Trans Taxi: +359 (52) 388 888
Hippo Taxi: +359 (52) 344 444
JoyTaxi: +359 (52) 303 030

Why book a Varna private transfer in advance?

Booking a private transfer in advance to help you explore Varna makes your holiday run much smoother. You won’t have to worry about unlicensed drivers or struggling to communicate. With Welcome, you’re guaranteed competitive fixed rates, 24/7 customer service and friendly English-speaking drivers. Efficient and reliable door-to-door service means you won’t need to wait for a phone taxi to be dispatched or risk hailing an unlicensed taxi driver on the street. Instead, you can secure on-time pickups from wherever you are in Varna to wherever you need to go.

Varna Taxi tips

  1. Some taxi drivers accept euros but this is rare. So make sure you have cash in the local currency, Bulgarian Lev, before getting into a taxi.
  2. Avoid hailing a taxi in the street. Instead, pre-book a private transfer or call a local taxi number for your safety and convenience.
  3. Most taxis in Varna don’t come with a baby seat as standard. It’s best to pre-book a taxi or transfer if you need a car seat.

Wheelchair-accessibility taxis in Varna

Wheelchair-accessible taxis are available in Varna but not as common; most cabs are standard 4-seater sedans. We recommend pre-arranging a private transfer ahead of time with a specialised company or travel agency, to ensure your accessibility needs are catered for. Just be sure to mention that you need a wheelchair-accessible cab when you book.

Varna Taxi safety and complaints

Varna as a whole is considered a relatively safe city. The taxis in Varna are no different. However, like in most cities, dishonest drivers and taxi scams do exist. If you have any issues with local taxis in Varna, you can contact the following numbers for guidance:

Varna regional police: +359 (52) 615 166
Varna transport police: +359 (52) 502 550

Make sure you have noted down the driver’s registration number, details of your journey and your taxi’s license plate to help with your complaint.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Varna?

To call a taxi in Varna, Bulgaria, there are plenty of available taxi numbers or you can hail one on the street. Hailing taxis isn’t recommended for tourists though, just in case you encounter an unlicensed driver. Instead, consider booking a private transfer or calling one of the local trusted taxi companies to request a ride, like Triumf Taxi (+359 (52) 644 444) or Hippo (+359 (52) 344 444).

Do I have to tip my Varna taxi driver?

It’s customary to tip your taxi driver in Varna. Roughly 10% of the total fare is the typical rate. For short journeys, you can also round up the fare.

How do taxis in Varna calculate their fares?

Taxis in Varna calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time of day and distance travelled. If you want the peace of mind of a set fare, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance instead with a trusted international provider, like Welcome Pickups. 

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