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Taxis in Christchurch

Christchurch, the gateway to the Canterbury region, is on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It is also known as the Garden City for its numerous green spaces, including Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. The Avon River meanders through the city, offering a scenic source of recreation for boaters, cyclists, and walkers.

Taking a taxi in Christchurch is the easiest way to get around. Several taxi companies offer rides in and around the city. To take a taxi, you can call a Christchurch taxi company to request a ride or use a taxi-hailing app to request a driver. The various companies in Christchurch offer different prices. To go from Christchurch airport to the city centre, you can expect to pay around €24.10 (NZD 40). For a completive fixed rate, you can book your ride in advance with a professional, friendly Welcome Pickups driver.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
24.10 €
24.10 €
20 MIN
6 €
6 €
24 €
24 €
20 MIN

Christchurch Taxi Prices

Taxi fares vary among the different Christchurch taxi companies, so we recommend you ask your driver for an estimate before taking the ride. Generally, you can estimate the fare by a base rate of €1.80 (NZD 3), €1.80 (NZD 3) per kilometre, and €18.10 (NZD 30) per hour of standing or waiting. All taxis also charge €3.30 (NZD 5.50) for airport pickups or drop-offs. You can expect to pay around €24.10 (NZD 40) to reach the city centre from Christchurch airport. For a competitive flat rate with no hidden charges, you can also book your ride in advance with Welcome Pickups.

What our customers say about Welcome

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How to get a Taxi in Christchurch

There are a variety of taxi companies to choose from when taking a taxi in Christchurch. To request a ride, you can call one of the Christchurch taxi services or use one of their mobile taxi apps to request a ride. One Christchurch taxi number you can contact is Blue Star Taxis (dial +64 33 799 799). Another company you can call for a ride is Corporate Cabs (dial +64 33 795 888). Alternatively, for a completive flat rate, if you know when and where you’ll be needing a ride, you can pre-book your Christchurch taxi service with Welcome Pickups.

Book your Christchurch Taxi in Advance

If you know where and when you’ll be needing a taxi, you can save some time and hassle by booking your Christchurch taxi service ahead of time. When you book with Welcome Pickups, you know your driver will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you need to be picked up. Also, you will be charged a competitive flat rate, so you won’t have to worry about what the meter may add up to.

Tips for your Taxi in Christchurch

  1. Tipping is not expected in New Zealand, but if you had a great driver, you can consider rounding up the fare.
  2. Christchurch taxis accept payment by card.
  3. Depending on the taxi company our book your ride with, you may be charged fare based on a metered rate, or you may be able to request a ride for a flat rate. Prices vary among the different taxi companies.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Christchurch

Many Christchurch taxi services offer wheelchair-accessible taxis in addition to their standard cabs. For an accessible ride, a couple of Christchurch taxi numbers you can call include Gold Band Taxis (dial +64 03 372 7277) and King Cabs (dial +64 03 242 8294). First Direct (dial +64 03 377 5555) also offers wheelchair-accessible taxis with drivers accredited to offer assistance to passengers with limited mobility.

Christchurch Taxi Safety and Complaints

Christchurch taxis are a safe, comfortable, and fast way to get around the city and surrounding area during your visit. Drivers are reliable and professional. If an issue does come up during your taxi trip, keep a note of what happened, when, and where along with the taxi’s license plate number. You can report your complaint directly to the taxi company you used for your transfer.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Christchurch, New Zealand?

A couple of Christchurch taxi numbers you can call to request a ride include Blue Star Taxis (dial +64 33 799 799) and Corporate Cabs (dial +64 33 795 888). You can also use a Christchurch taxi company’s mobile app to schedule a ride. Another alternative is to book your transfer online in advance with Welcome Pickups.

Is the Christchurch taxi service reliable?

Christchurch taxi companies are reputable and offer transfers with professional drivers. You can rely on drivers to get you where you need to go as quickly as possible.

Do I need to tip my Christchurch taxi driver?

Tipping in Christchurch is not required or expected. If you had a great driver, you can consider rounding up the fare.

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