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Gothenburg Taxi

Gothenburg Taxi Services - General Information


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Gothenburg Taxi Service

Gothenburg manages to be exciting, relaxed, modern, historical and contemporary all at the same time. Currently one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Gothenburg captures the interest of its visitors, from the offset, with its tram-lined streets, 17th-century canals, arty exhibition spaces and gourmet seafood cuisine.

Gothenburg is not a large city, but with so much to see and do, a reliable taxi service can be an ideal way to experience the city comfortably and with the least amount of effort. You can arrange to be picked up from the airport with a Gothenburg airport taxi and transferred straight to your hotel with Welcome Pickups’ door-to-door service and you can pre-arrange your in-city transfers too.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
14 €
22 €
15 MIN
16.80 €
24.50 €
17 MIN
11.50 €
18 €
10 MIN
white vehicles with a yellow registration at the front and a lighted sign on their roof

Gothenburg Taxi Prices

Taxis in Sweden are deregulated meaning there are no standard taxi fares for all cabs. Taxi fares are still calculated using a taximeter but the actual rates used are determined by each taxi company itself. Every taxi is therefore obliged to display its comparative prices in a visible section of the taxi (usually in the side window), for passengers to see before boarding. The comparative price represents a 10km journey that would take 15 minutes to fulfil the transfer. The taximeter will calculate the final fare using each taxi company’s pricing and the following data: an initial base fee, a per km charge and waiting time (per hr). Due to the different rates charged by taxi companies, below is an average cost of these charges:

Initial base fee: €4.20-€5.60 (SEK 45-60)

Per km cost: €1.30-€1.60 (SEK 14-17) 

Waiting time charge per hour: €50-€52.50 (SEK 540-560)

Taxis transfers between 15:00-9:00 are regarded as night transfers and are therefore charged at a higher rate – sometimes up to twice the normal rate.

What our customers say about Welcome

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How to get a taxi in Gothenburg

Finding a taxi service in Gothenburg is an easy process as there are numerous ways to either find a taxi on the street or pre-arrange a transfer in advance. If you are on the street the easiest way to get a taxi is to look for a taxi rank which will be especially easy if you are near a major train or bus station, or outside a large hotel. Alternatively, you can request a taxi from your hotel reception who will then make the arrangements or simply book an online transfer from the many available taxi companies that serve the city. Below are some of the most popular Gothenburg taxi companies you can call:

Taxi Goteborg: +46 3165 0000

Minitaxi: +46 3114 0140

Taxijakt: +46 771 90 0000

Booking your Gothenburg taxi in advance

Booking a taxi in Gothenburg in advance always makes sense, especially for an airport transfer after a long flight, making your final stage of travelling as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Pre-booking and arranging a fixed rate fare is highly recommended in Gothenburg as they are usually marginally less expensive than any transfers relying on a taximeter. You can guarantee a fixed rate fare with no hidden costs when you book your Gothenburg airport taxi with Welcome Pickups.

Gothenburg taxi tips

  1. Since taxis are deregulated in Sweden and companies can set their own tariffs, make sure that you are made aware of your driver's tariff before agreeing to the transfer.
  2. Every taxi company is obliged to visibly show its comparative prices (tariffs) somewhere on the taxi. This is usually a yellow sticker placed on the side window of the taxi.
  3. When picking up a taxi from a rank you are not obliged to take the first one in line and may choose based on the comparative prices (tariffs) of each taxi.
  4. Try and negotiate a fixed rate fare when possible as they are usually a little more affordable than transfers using a taximeter.
  5. When you are on the street and looking for a taxi, avoid taking any taxi when you have been approached by the driver, as it may be an unlicensed taxi service.

Wheelchair accessible taxis in Gothenburg

Wheelchair-accessible taxis are widely available in Gothenburg but need to be requested in advance, in order to guarantee that the appropriate vehicle is sent for the transfer. You can also ask for assistance from the taxi rank officer at Gothenburg airport just outside the terminal who will be able to request a wheelchair-accessible taxi on your behalf.

Gothenburg taxi safety and complaints

Gothenburg is a friendly and safe city to travel in but you may come across unlicensed taxis. Such taxis should be avoided and only licensed taxi companies that hold valid permits should be used. If you have a negative experience when using a taxi, you should firstly contact the taxi company involved, making your complaint directly to them and sharing the details of your transfer, along with the driver’s name and registration number. Your complaint can also be escalated by contacting the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.

Frequently asked questions

What are some Goteborg taxi numbers I can call?

There are numerous Gothenburg taxi companies available to choose from. Some of the most popular local taxi dispatch companies are: Taxi Goteborg (+46 3165 0000), Minitaxi (+46 3114 0140) and Taxijakt (+46 771 90 0000)

Are the taxis in Gothenburg reliable?

Taxis in Gothenburg are reliable as long as you use a licensed company with valid permits. For guaranteed, reliable taxi service, you can book your transfers in advance with Welcome Pickups.

Can I pay for my Gothenburg taxi by card?

All major debit and credit cards are readily accepted by taxis in Gothenburg and many also accept cash payments. You can always ask the driver at the start of your journey though just to be sure.

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  • 20 minute gap between transfers

  • Regular Car Sanitisation

  • Contactless ride

  • Sanitiser in every car

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