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Hannover Taxi

General Information and Tips for your Hannover Taxi


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Taxi Service in Hannover

Located in northern Germany, Hannover is a beautiful destination with rich history, interesting museums, and green parks all around the city.  No matter what time of year you’re visiting, using a taxi to move around quickly and comfortably is always a good transportation option. Unlike public transport, taxis in Hannover are available 24/7, including public holidays. If you want to be prepared during your trip, you can pre-book a Hannover airport taxi and ensure reliable taxi service as soon as you land. While you’re within city limits, you can hop in a taxi from the official taxi ranks or you can order one by phone and via the available online apps.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
13 €
13 €
11 MIN
15 €
15 €
14 MIN
70 €
70 €
35 MIN

Hannover Taxi Fares

Taxis in Hannover are regulated by the state and are required to use a taximeter during the entire ride. There is a single tariff that applies throughout the day, every day of the week and the total fare is calculated based on the distance driven.

Base Fare – €3.90
Rate/km – €2.30

Besides the standard tariff, keep in mind that unless you book your Hannover taxi in advance, the total fare for the same route might differ. Surcharges can include the waiting time or slow driving fee, which is €0.55 per minute, or the large taxi (Grossraumtaxi) fee, which is €6.

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How to Get a Taxi in Hannover

Taxis are a reliable and popular transportation option in Hannover, especially during winter. Official taxis are light yellow and have a TAXI sign on the roof so they’re easy to spot. Unlike elsewhere, in Hannover, it’s not common to wave a taxi down the street. There are official taxi ranks all around the city in designated spots and near popular or busy locations, like the airport and train or bus stations. You can take the first taxi you’ll find at the rank, use one of the local taxi apps or order a taxi over the phone by calling one of the many operators. The most well-known providers you can phone are the following:

Hallo Taxi: +49 (511) 3811

Arnemann GmbH: +49 (511) 458 4545

Gruß Taxen GmbH: +49 (511) 664 964

Südkreis – Taxengesellschaft: +49 (511) 988 6262

Pre-book your Taxi in Hannover

To ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience from the moment you land at the airport, you can book your Hannover taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups. Instead of wasting time looking for the nearest taxi rank and worrying about cash or the local currency, in only a couple of minutes, you can pre-book a personalised and reliable door-to-door taxi service with a local, English-speaking driver. Even if your plans change, Welcome’s flexible cancellation policy has got you covered, so why not plan ahead and make the most of your stay in Hannover?

Hannover Taxi Tips

  1. It's best to have your address written down in German, as not all taxi drivers speak English.
  2. Once you enter the taxi, check that the taximeter is set to the base fare of €3.90.
  3. At the end of the ride, it’s best to ask for a receipt to have as much information as possible in case you leave any personal items behind.
  4. Standard taxis that you take from the rank are unlikely to be equipped with a baby/child seat; make sure to bring your own if you need one.
  5. You don't need to tip your taxi driver but you can round up to the nearest euro if you were happy with the service.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service in Hannover

Hannover, like most cities in Germany, is a wheelchair-accessible destination and you shouldn’t have any trouble moving around or using public transport.

Standard taxis that you’ll find at the ranks or on the street can store a foldable wheelchair but aren’t fully accessible. To ensure a smooth transfer to your destination, you can book a transfer service in advance by calling Mobilität Hannover at +49 (511) 7081 0213, or Lindener Fahrdienst at +49 (511) 924 5050.

Hannover Taxi Safety and Complaints

The taxi service in Hannover is safe and reliable; official, registered taxis are required by law to use a taximeter and the state regulates the rates so issues like overcharging aren’t that common. If you think you’ve been overcharged or you’d like to report unprofessional behaviour at any point during your Hannover visit, you can call the Hannover Tourist Information Centre at +49 (511) 1234 5111 and they’ll be able to advise you on how what steps you can take; just make sure to write down as much information as possible about the incident, including the driver’s name, registration number, and license plate.

Frequently asked questions

How are Hannover taxi prices calculated?

Official taxis in Hannover are required by law to use a taximeter to calculate the total fare. The rates are imposed by the state and are revisited frequently. For longer-distance routes, you can agree on a price with the driver before you enter the taxi or if you’re unsure of the costs and don’t feel confident with that option, you can always pre-book a reliable set-fare ride with Welcome Pickups.

Are taxis in Hannover expensive?

Hannover’s taxi service is considered neither expensive nor cheap compared to other popular destinations in Germany and Europe. A 5-kilometre route will cost an average of €15 depending on the traffic conditions and other additional surcharges that might apply.

Do I need to tip my Hannover taxi driver?

Whether or not you’ll tip your taxi driver in Hannover is entirely up to your discretion. It’s common, however, to round up the fare to the nearest euro, especially if you’re paying in cash. Alternatively, you can add up to 10% for really good service.

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