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As Canberra is Australia’s capital city, there are so many exciting experiences awaiting you. Nature lovers will be delighted with the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the Black Mountain hiking trails, while culture fanatics can spend hours at the National Museum of Australia, Parliament House and picturesque wineries. To ensure you can fit all these unique sites into your trip, we recommend using a Canberra taxi to get around the city quickly and easily. You can either hail one of the Canberra cabs in the street, walk to a taxi rank, call a phone dispatch company or book your Canberra airport taxi service in advance.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
17 €
20 €
11 MIN
17 €
20 €
11 MIN
24 €
26 €
10 MIN
signature taxi signs on three white vehicles' roofs

What are the Canberra Taxi Fares?

All Canberra taxi drivers must adhere to official set taxi rates and fares. The official tariff ordinance was set in 2013 and is enforced through the use of specifically calibrated taximeters. To calculate the cost of a journey, there are both time and distance elements used, plus, the time of day is taken into account as follows:

Base fare: €3.30 (AUD 4.85)

Price per km day (06:00 to 21:00): €1.30 (AUD 2.06)

Price per km night (21:00 to 06:00): €1.60 (AUD 2.37)

There are also additional charges for things such as the airport surcharge (€2.80 (AUD 4.20)), use of a baby seat (€3.50 (AUD 5.20)) and keeping your driver waiting for an hour (€35 (AUD 52)).

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How to make a Canberra Taxi Booking?

Canberra cabs are all privately owned by different companies, so they will all have a unique look and model. Having said that, you can easily spot these taxis throughout the city centre and simply hail one in the street by sticking out your arm. There are also official taxi ranks that are owned and operated by each individual Canberra taxi company. They can be found throughout the CBD and in both north and south Canberra. 

If you’re travelling late at night, are outside the city ring or simply wish to have a more personalised service, you can also make your Canberra taxi booking over the phone by calling one of these phone dispatch taxis: 

ACT Cabs: +61 2 6280 0077

Cabxpress: +61 2 6181 2700

Canberra Elite: +61 2 6126 1600

Benefits of Booking your Canberra Cabs with Welcome Pickups

As all the taxis in Canberra are run by private companies, the level of service can differ between each one. If you’re looking for a Canberra airport transfer that will give you a 5-star service every time, we recommend pre-booking your Canberra cab with Welcome Pickups. We offer 24/7 customer support, guaranteed on-time pickups, personalised transfers and competitive rates. Let Welcome take the stress out of your Canberra airport transfers so you can enjoy every second of your time in this amazing city. 

Canberra Taxi Tips

  1. Travelling at night will result in a higher fare than during the day.
  2. Ensure your driver resets and switches on the taximeter before you begin your journey.
  3. Bringing and fitting a baby seat will incur an extra charge of €3.50 (AUD 5.20).
  4. Most Canberra taxi drivers will accept card payments, but be sure to mention this before beginning your journey to be sure.

Wheelchair Accessible Canberra Taxi Service

In Canberra, there’s a speciality taxi unit that has fully wheelchair-accessible vehicles. If you need a wheelchair-accessible Canberra taxi with a hydraulic lift or ramp, you can contact WAT on +6 113 9287, or by visiting their website. They offer both immediate dispatch and pre-booked taxis. 

Canberra Cabs Safety and Complaints

On the whole, taking a Canberra taxi is a pleasant and very safe experience. However, if you do find yourself being overcharged, experiencing a rude or angry driver, or any other issues during your ride, you can file a formal complaint directly with the company you’ve travelled with. You can find the number and name of the company on the side of the taxi cab door. Be sure to note the driver’s ID number, the taxi number and any other details about your journey before making the complaint. 

Frequently asked questions

Are the taxis in Canberra expensive?

Taxis in Canberra are relatively expensive compared to some European cities. They will use a taximeter to calculate your fare, which has a base fee of €3.30 (AUD 4.85) and a price per km of €1.30 (AUD 2.06) during the day (06:00 to 21:00), and €1.60 (AUD 2.37) during the night (21:00 to 06:00).

Do Canberra cabs accept card payments?

Many Canberra taxi drivers do accept card payments from all major Visa and Mastercard cards. However, there is usually an additional fee for this service. If you need to pay by card, be sure to ask your driver before beginning your journey. 

Do I need to tip my Canberra taxi driver?

Tipping your Canberra taxi driver isn’t compulsory, but it’s always welcome. If you enjoyed your ride, you can round your fare up to the nearest AUD or add 5% to your total fare. 

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