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Tehran Taxi Service

Tehran is the capital of Iran and a city steeped in history and culture. The sheer number of museums, palaces, monuments and historical attractions that one can visit can be genuinely overwhelming. It is a cosmopolitan city known for its delicious cuisine with a huge choice of restaurants and traditional food markets (bazaars) and its 800 or so well-kept parks also dominate the urban city landscape.

Tehran is a large city divided into the northern and southern sectors. Getting around can be somewhat chaotic, especially during peak hours. Hence, a Tehran taxi is an ideal travel option to get away from the crowded public transport options and to experience the city in comfort.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
Tehran city centre to Azadi Tower
1.50 €
1.50 €
Tehran city centre to Golestan Palace
3.70 €
3.70 €
Tehran city centre to Grand Bazaar
4 €
4 €
Tehran city centre to National Museum of Iran
3.45 €
3.45 €
Traffic On a Sunny Road and a Mural of a a green mosque on a building's facade

Tehran Taxi Prices

There are a number of options when it comes to taking a taxi in Tehran, the most common being a private or shared taxi. A private taxi means that you and your companions are the only passengers. In contrast, a shared taxi involves sharing the taxi with other passengers that are going in your direction of travel. The yellow and green coloured taxis are the only official and registered taxis and should be the only ones used to avoid surprises.

Tehran taxis do not have taximeters installed, therefore the fare for any destination must always be agreed upon with the driver before you get in the taxi. The cost can and should be negotiated with the driver as they usually quote quite high initially, and then reduce the cost during negotiation. Since taximeters are not used there are no standardised taxi rates but in order to get an idea of the average cost, a taxi fare in Tehran will cost between €0.60-€1.50 (IRR 25,000-60,000) depending on the distance to your destination. On average you shouldn’t be paying more than €0.08 (IRR 10,000) per km for your transfer. Taxis accept local currency, the Iranian rial (IRR), US dollars and in many cases euros. Expect to pay more during rush hour and bad weather.

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How to get a taxi in Tehran

Tehran taxis are available in great abundance, however, it is recommended that you only use officially registered taxis which are yellow and green in colour. It is very easy to find a taxi in Tehran, if you are on the street simply hail a taxi by raising your hand when you see one nearby. Alternatively, another good option is to ask your hotel reception to call a taxi for you – who might also be able to negotiate the price on your behalf. Taxi ranks can be found all over the city, especially near large city squares or central bus and train stations. Some of the most popular Tehran taxi companies you can call for a pickup are:

Seirosafar: +98 21 5100 1833

Book Taxi Tehran: +98 93 7393 3964

Taxi Lux: +98 21 5100 1891

Pakro Sabze Qeshm: +98 21 5100 1884

Booking your Tehran taxi in advance

Booking your Tehran taxi in advance will enable you to travel with your mind at ease knowing that you have a taxi waiting for you when you arrive after your flight. Furthermore, by pre-booking your taxi you can avoid queues or potential delays in finding a taxi at the airport and you’ll also be able to pay online and in advance. Welcome Pickups is a great and reliable option for booking your Tehran airport taxi, offering guaranteed fixed-rate fares and no hidden costs.

Tehran taxi tips

  1. To avoid any problems with the final cost of your transfer make sure that you have agreed on a price with the driver before getting into the taxi.
  2. Always negotiate the cost of your transfer with the driver; If you're not very confident with that, we'd recommend pre-booking your ride with a trusted company.
  3. For safety reasons, never use an unmarked, unregistered taxi. Official taxis are yellow or green in colour.
  4. Make sure that you specify that you require a ‘private’ transfer so that the driver will not stop and pick up passengers on the way to your destination.
  5. Always have small change available to pay for your Tehran taxi, as many drivers might not have the exact change to give you back. Taxis accept Iranian rials, US dollars and many also accept euros.

Wheelchair accessible taxis in Tehran

Wheelchair accessibility is not widely available in Tehran, therefore it is essential that requests for such services are discussed and arranged in advance with a specialist taxi company or provider. Most drivers are happy for wheelchairs to be folded and placed in the boot of the taxi if that’s an option for you, though that way passengers with reduced mobility will not have any specialised assistance.

Tehran taxi safety and complaints

On the whole, taxis in Tehran are a safe travel option when using an officially registered taxicab. These taxis are yellow or green in colour and have a taxi sign on the top of the vehicle. Travellers should avoid using any unmarked taxis or people who approach them and offer them a ride. If for any reason you’d like to make a complaint against an official, registered taxicab, you can contact the Tehran Taxi Management and Supervision Organization at +98 48 048.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a taxi in Tehran?

Taxis in Tehran are in great abundance and there are a number of different ways to get a taxi. You can request a taxi from your hotel reception, or hail a taxi straight from the street, whilst there is also a number of taxi ranks all around the city, usually near large city squares, bus and metro stations. For a safe and reliable 24/7 taxi service in Tehran, you can also book your transfer ahead of time with Welcome Pickups.

Can I pay for my Tehran taxi by card?

Most taxis in Tehran only accept cash payments in either Iranian rials (IRR) or US dollars, and some will accept euros. Card payments can be used when booking your transfer with a taxi company like Welcome Pickups, which has an online booking platform and allows for easy, pre-paid, competitively priced transfers for your peace of mind.

How are Tehran taxi fares calculated?

Tehran taxis are not fitted with taximeters and therefore, no standard taxi rates apply. Taxi fares are quoted by the driver based on the distance to your destination and should be agreed upon with your driver before getting into the cab. Negotiating the price with the driver is recommended as most initial quotes are usually on the high end. The average cost of a transfer within downtown Tehran will cost between €0.60-€1.50 (IRR 25,000-60,000).

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